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Longboard Decks

Longboards come in a variety of types and sizes designed for different purposes like free riding, transportation, freestyle, downhill, and cruising. The design of the longboard deck is directly related to how well the longboard will perform with riding different styles. No matter what you plan to use your board for, there is a style out there for you.

What brands offer longboard decks?

Some of the brands offering longboards include Blank, Austin, Sector 9, Arbor, Globe, and Moose Racing. Other brands worth considering include Barfoot, Omen, Loaded, Landyachtz, Rayne, Prism, Restless, and DB Longboards.

What different sizes and features come with longboard decks?

The length of the longboard deck can typically range from 30 to 44 inches long. The width of the longboard usually ranges between 8.5 and 10.5 inches. Some of the features available with these decks include adjustable wheelbase, w-concave, deep concave, medium concave, wheel wells, cutouts, double kicks, or the kicktail.

What are the different types of longboard decks available?

The main types of longboards to consider are commuters, downhill, drop through, carving and cruising models designed by Blank and other designers. Other types of designs crafted by Blank and others are pintail longboards, fishtail longboards, blunt longboards, mini-cruisers, and twin boards. Some of the other skateboard decks available include speed decks, rocker decks, flexy decks, flush mount decks, and decks designed for the big and tall.

The pintail longboard deck made by Blank and other designers features a teardrop shape designed for deep carving and reducing wheelbite. The sharper taper on Blank pintail boards allows for a tighter turning radius, helping the skateboard wheels and trucks to make sharper turns.

Aside from making sharp turns on the wheels and trucks, pintails are also ideal for directional riding. Drop through longboards are ideal for anyone who enjoys taking a relaxing ride. The skateboard deck on these longboards is dropped a level lower in relation to the trucks and wheels.

What materials are used to make longboard decks?

Bamboo is a popular material to use for making longboard decks. Using bamboo makes these types of skateboards lightweight and flexible. With the right trucks, this lightweight, organic skateboard helps improve performance and the ability do to different tricks.

Aside from bamboo, you can also find longboard decks crafted from maple wood. Maple is the most common type of wood used with different trucks. Maple is usually sturdier, heavier, and harder than bamboo. Maple is either layered in with other types of wood or ranges from 5 to 10 ply.

What else should you consider when buying longboard decks?

The shape of the skateboard design is usually going to either be directional or symmetrical. Some of the deck profiles available to choose from are the standard, camber, rocker, micro drop, and drop down. The mounting style of these boards is usually a drop through or top mount. These boards can be un-gripped or come equipped with clear or black grip.