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Find MP3 Players and Listen to Your Audio Files

An MP3 player plays digital music files in the MP3 format. These handheld devices play audio that you listen to via headphones or a built-in speaker. Some models are solely digital audio players, while others offer more functionality and features. eBay offers a variety of MP3 players for sale

Are iPods still available?

Apple discontinued the Shuffle, iPod Touch, and Nano models, but you can still find both new and secondhand models. You can choose from the Classic, Shuffle, Nano, and Touch models.

When choosing an MP3 player, what features are important?

You'll find MP3 players in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes. When looking at prices for MP3 players, consider how much music you will be storing. Here are a few other factors to consider when shopping for one:

  • Portability: Most are portable and handheld. However, weight and size can vary. If you are a commuter, you may want to choose a small, lightweight model. Accessories can also add to the overall weight. Factor in headphones and speakers if you need them.
  • Storage: Players use flash memory drives to store files and are built into the unit directly. They come in varying capacities from 4 GB up to 128 GB.
  • Expansion: Some products support Micro SD cards. Should the built-in storage be insufficient for your needs, you can store additional files on Micro SD cards. Insert the cards into the device for more storage space.
  • Accessories and extras: These devices have become more sophisticated as users have found more uses for them. Some support the AVI and MP4 formats for playing videos, while others have Bluetooth or HDMI capabilities.
  • Power: They can have either replaceable or built-in rechargeable batteries. Choose the power option that fits your situation.

How durable are MP3 players?

This varies with the model. Quality construction and good materials make the MP3 player durable. The activities you'll be doing while carrying your device will have a bearing on what kind of construction you should look for. If you're playing sports, hiking, or working out at the gym, you may want to get a hard case for added protection.

Can MP4 or video files be played?

If your MP3 player supports video playback, it will specify which formats it supports. Video file formats may include AVI or MP4.

Check that your video is within the parameters supported, such as a maximum video resolution of 240 by 320. If your file exceeds that, then it won't be playable on the unit.