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Adding Tweeters to Your Car Speaker System

People throughout the world decide to upgrade or replace their existing car speakers every single day. Sometimes they do this because their existing ones are broken or damaged, but more often, it is because they are after higher quality sound and a better audio experience. Tweeters are a very important component of any MTX vehicle speaker system, but some may not even notice the work they do.

Why Are Tweeters So Important?

Quality speaker systems are complex and require a careful mix of components to achieve optimal sound quality. Tweeters are just one of these components, but they are often overlooked as people focus on woofers and subwoofers. Some of the reasons why tweeters are so important to the overall audio quality of your speaker system include:

  • They are responsible for all high frequency sound - Each type of speaker is responsible for different frequency sound. Tweeters produce the high frequency sounds that are common throughout most music and other audio.
  • Without them, your speaker system will sound terrible - The same applies to any speaker system component. If you ignore tweeters, woofers, or any other component, your vehicle sound system wont be great.
  • They provide the core of many songs - Without tweeters, a lot of music would sound quite terrible, so it is important to choose the right ones for your speaker system.

How Do I Choose the Right Tweeters for My Car?

Choosing the right MTX tweeters for your vehicle can be difficult if you dont have any car audio experience. There are a lot of things to consider, including:

  • Their power - Speaker power often measures in watts. The higher the rating of the speaker (the more watts it has), the louder the sound it will be able to play. If you have highly rated woofers and subwoofers, then make sure that you choose tweeters to match.
  • Their size - Most vehicles have special speaker slots, which help you hide your car speakers in an out of the way place. They are usually in the doors or on the dash. Make sure that you choose ones that fit in these slots, otherwise you may have trouble finding somewhere to install them.
  • Their compatibility with the rest of your system - It is also extremely important to choose tweeters that are compatible with the other components of your car speaker system, including your head unit. If you arent sure what you should be thinking about here, then speak to your local car audio expert.

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