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Manfrotto Tripod Heads for Cameras

Find a New Angle With Manfrotto Tripod Heads for Cameras

Manfrotto specializes in the production of tripod heads for cameras. Functioning as a link between the camera and the tripod while allowing mobility and dynamism, heads for tripods are a necessity for many photographers and videographers. While all of them have precision and control as their main objective, Manfrotto produces different types of heads designed for specific purposes.

What types of Manfrotto tripod heads are there?

Manfrotto tripod heads for cameras include the following types:

  • Ball head: The ball head is a common type of tripod head. It is quick, versatile, simple, and easy to use. Manfrotto has made these heads available in lightweight magnesium options, hydrostatic options, and built-in grip options.
  • Pistol grip head: A derivative of the ball head, the pistol grip head features a trigger that allows the ball joint to be moved by releasing its grip.
  • Three-way head: By having an additional lever, this type of head provides individual control of both the up-down tilt and the side-to-side tilt. Even though its more precise than the ball head, it takes longer to set up and move. As a result, its mostly used in studios and other controlled settings.
  • Fluid head: Because it favors smooth movement and precision over everything else, the fluid video head is used for capturing video. However, it is sometimes used to capture still photos.
  • Gimbal head: Meant to be used with big, long, and heavy lenses, gimbal heads emphasize stability and support.
  • Panoramic head: Once it has been mounted on a mobile tripod, a panoramic head allows photographers to shoot a sequence of images to produce a panorama.
  • Geared head: This type of head is a lot more complex. However, it offers a greater level of precision. As a result, its often used in studio work, landscape photography, and architectural photography.
How does the quick release system work?

Using a quick release plate device, some Manfrotto tripod heads are capable of firmly holding the camera in place. This hold can be released by pushing on a button or lever, allowing the photographer to handhold the camera. Another advantage of this system is that it allows photographers to quickly change a lens without losing time due to having to unscrew the camera from the tripod.

Is there a head for both video and still photography?

The head that is best-suited for video work is the fluid head. Conversely, heads that are expressly meant for photography such as the three-way head are not well-suited for video work. Due to their versatility and precision, the best heads for both video and still photography are the gimbal head and the geared head.

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