Mary Kay

Mary Kay

Mary Kay cosmetics has been building a legacy for women for over 50 years. With a wide variety of cosmetics and accessories, you're sure to find the right products to complete your look. Choose from skin care, cosmetics, fragrance, and more to create a great look and maintain healthy skin.

What types of products does Mary Kay offer?

There are six main categories of Mary Kay products to meet all your needs.

  • Skin Care: There is a variety of moisturizers, anti-aging products, and cleansers to make your skin care regimen healthy and beautiful.
  • Makeup: The very first products Mary Kay launched in the 1960s included staple makeup products. That tradition continues with endless combinations of foundation, blush, eye makeup, lipstick, and more.
  • Body and sun protection: Offering a selection of sunscreen, deep moisturizing products, and tinted foundation, these products keep you healthy and stylish.
  • Fragrance: There is something for everyone among the variety of fragrances offered by Mary Kay, including clean, floral, and fruity scents.
  • Men's care: Mary Kay's not just for the ladies! There's a full set of both fragrances and skin care especially designed for the men in your lives.
  • Gifts: There are gifts sets composed of the most popular products in each category. You can also choose from brushes, cases, travel kits, and more.
What comes in the Mary Kay Timewise Miracle set?

As an example of one of the gift sets, this four-product set includes a set of basic products to clean and moisturize your face.

  • Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser: This is a basic facial cleaner that's safe to use multiple times daily.
  • Timewise day solution: After your morning cleansing, the day solution should be applied each morning to moisturize and provide basic sun protection.
  • Timewise night solution: After your evening cleansing, apply the night solution for overnight moisturizing.
  • Timewise age-fighting moisturizer: After applying either the daytime or night solution, the age-fighting moisturizer is the final age-fighting step to seal in moisture.
What does Mary Kay Extra offer in night creams?

Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream is a moisturizer that's designed to maintain the natural moisture of the skin and replenish hydration. When using it, you rub it into the desired area and let it moisturize all night long. It's fragrant and translucent, and it is useful for healing dry patches of skin. It's especially helpful in the winter when your hands, elbows, and feet become dry and cracked.