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Memphis 10 Inch Car Subwoofers

Everything You Need to Know About Memphis 10-inch Car Subwoofers

When you’re setting up an audio system in your car, a subwoofer is a must-have item. When paired with traditional speakers, these devices can give you a well-rounded sound. Memphis makes a variety of 10-inch vehicle subwoofers so that you can find the right fit for your system.

What does a subwoofer do?

A subwoofer reproduces the low frequencies of the audio spectrum. They’re designed to complement your existing speakers by providing more in-depth, louder bass tones. Since standard vehicle speakers are small, this extra bass reinforcement can make a big difference. If you like to listen to music with a heavy bass line, or if you want to enhance the low notes in your favorite songs, a Memphis 10 model can help you accomplish that goal.

What are some types of vehicle subwoofers from Memphis?

Most models come in one of two different styles:

  • Enclosed: As the name suggests, an enclosed sub comes in an enclosure. This means that it’s ready to go. Set it in place, connect it to your wiring system, and start listening. Memphis makes a variety of enclosed subs, each designed for different placements in your vehicle. Under-seat models are useful when you have limited space, while larger box models fit into your trunk.
  • Component: This type of sub comes without an enclosure, giving you broader installation freedom. You can mount it directly on the side of your vehicle, build an enclosure, or combine it with other components.
What is a dual voice coil?

A dual voice coil subwoofer uses two coils. Both coils are connected to the same cone, but each one has its connections, giving you more flexibility when it comes to wiring. You can choose these models with parallel wiring, series writing, or independent wiring.

How can you choose a Memphis 10 subwoofer?

This process can help you narrow down the many available Memphis options:

  • Select a type: Choose a component sub for a custom design, or opt for an enclosed models for easier installation.
  • Pick a coil style: Select from single-coil and dual-coil models.
  • Find the right power level: Choose a power level that meets your needs. The higher the power, the louder the volume.
  • Select a frequency range: Select a range that suits your listening preferences. In general, a wider range means that your lower tones will have more power.
  • Choose a mounting depth: Pick a model with a mounting depth that fits into your vehicle. Many Memphis 10-inch models are designed to be 4 inches or less in depth so that you can fit them into compact spaces.
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