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Men's Bolo Ties

Bolo ties are a stylish way to add Western flair to any outfit. These distinctive neckties typically consist of a cord and a decorative clasp, and they can be worn with casual clothes or formal ensembles. Many people personalize their ties by choosing unique clasps to secure their leather cord.

What's the right way to wear this type of tie?

There's no wrong way to wear a bolo. Some men secure the cord so that it's taut around the neck, while others prefer a looser fit. Regardless of fit, however, the cord should be tucked beneath the collar of the shirt.

How long should the bolo tie be?

To successfully pull off this western aesthetic, it's important to select the right size tie. When the tie is secured around the neck, the cord ends should fall four inches beneath the breastbone. Men who are six feet tall or under tend to wear ties between 36 inches and 38 inches long. Men who are taller usually wear ties that are 40 inches to 42 inches long.

What types of bolo ties are available?

Most Western-style ties have a leather cord which ends in metal tips. This cord is secured with an ornate clasp, however, which gives men a chance to express their western fashion sense. These come in many varieties, including:

  • Western-Themed: Many of the clasps used to secure bolo ties are inspired by western imagery. They are often decorated with arrows, horses, steer heads, western stars, and bison. Some are emblazoned with Native American imagery.
  • Turquoise and Silver: Many clasps combine silver and turquoise, a classic western pairing. Some of these designs are ornate, with intricate floral designs. Others are simple, emphasizing the striking color of the turquoise stone.
  • Novelty: Some tie clasps take a novel approach to Western fashion. They might be shaped like pistols, playing cards, or bulls. These novelty clasps allow bolo tie wearers to truly express their individual style.
Are there different varieties of bolo tie cords and tips?

Most bolo tie cords are made of leather. Some ties have single strands of leather, while others are braided leather cords. These cords come in several colors, including black, brown, gray, and pink.

Standard tie tips are simple metal coverings. Some bolo tips are more decorative, however. They are available in various styles, including ribbed, tapered, and bullet-shaped. Some ties come with novelty tips, shaped like eagles or feathers.