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Buying Windows 7 64-bit Operating System Software

Ready to update your Windows to an operating system thats more current? When you are, you can consider the wide variety of options and features that come with the Windows 7 version of Microsofts operating system, though youll want to consider a few factors before buying this upgrade for your PC computer.

What Features Does Windows 7 Offer?

With every version of Windows 7, there are typically new features and added upgrades, and this version is no exception. There are a few specific features to look forward to when you upgrade to Windows 7.

  • After users became unhappy with the slower load and boot times of Vista, Microsoft listened, and Windows 7 allows you to achieve the speeds you need to get everything done, even when youre running multiple applications or software suites at the same time.
  • The overall OS is more responsive, especially when searching for something specific like a particular file, application, or document. You can also organize your items for quick access.
  • The much-improved taskbar is one of the most lauded features of the Windows 7 OS. The icons are larger, similar apps are grouped together, and you can access various windows in seconds when desired.

Which Versions of Windows 7 Are Available?

Every update of the Windows OS offers multiple versions to serve a range of purposes, so it should be no surprise that are a few different iterations of Windows 7.

  • There are two versions of Windows for home use: Home Basic and Home Premium. There arent many differences between the two, with one exception being that Premium offers 16 GB of RAM memory and Basic offers 8 GB of RAM.
  • The Professional version of Windows 7 is meant for small businesses and schools.
  • You can consider the Enterprise edition when youre running a larger retail business or for licensing purposes. This version is also upgradeable to the Ultimate edition for added business features and upgrades.

Which Ways Can You Purchase Windows 7?

Unlike the days of the past when purchasing an actual disk to install software manually was your only option, there are additional ways to ensure you receive the Windows 7 version that you require.

  • You can still buy a physical copy of Windows and install it on your machine via the disk drive.
  • As another alternative, you can choose to download and install the software via a product key you purchase on the Internet and install onto your computer with no physical media necessary. Upgrades often happen via product key in the place of an actual DVD or CD software disc, as this is more efficient and more affordable than purchasing physical media for updating Windows 7.

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