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Answers to Common Telephotographic Questions

Minolta began producing cameras, photographic equipment, and telephoto lens accessories more than 90 years ago. These lenses differ from other types of lenses that can appear similar, so understanding their primary characteristics and uses may help you find the lens that is right for your needs. You can purchase lenses in telephoto formats that use a variety of focal types, lengths, apertures, mounts, camera types, and accessories for use in a variety of applications.

What does telephoto mean?

In the field of photography, a lens that has telephoto properties means that it is a long-focus lens that is physically shorter than its own focal length. The short effect is achieved thanks to a group of lenses known as a telephoto group. This array of lenses extends the path of the light passing through the aperture in order to create a long-focus lens with a short body. A lens with a telephoto angle can achieve the same effects as other long-focus lenses that are physically larger.

How can you use a telephoto lens?

Like many long-focus lenses, telephotos can be useful for making distant objects, such as people or buildings, appear larger than they are through magnification. Some potential uses for these lenses that you may wish to try include:

  • Zoom in on far subjects or bring them closer in relation to each other.
  • Exclude parts of the background shot that you do not want by filling up your frame.
  • Find and isolate a distant subject to draw attention to it.
  • Shoot portrait shots that allow you to zoom in and get a tighter crop if you are working far away from your subject.
  • Create a shallow field of depth that can blur your background and place focus on your intended subject.
What focal lengths can you choose?

Lenses that are telephoto may be broken down into subcategories depending on their maximum lengths. Keep in mind that any length of the focal point can have a different type of focus mechanism like manual, automatic, or dual focus. Here are some common lengths that are available:

  • 18-250 mm
  • 70-200 mm
  • 75-300 mm
  • 100-300 mm
  • 80-200 mm
How do you maintain a camera lens?

Once you have purchased the Minolta telephoto accessory of your choice, it should be cared for properly so that it is usable for many years to come. While the specific instructions for this can vary depending on the model you choose, you can use the general steps below as a guide to maintaining your lens:

  • Store your lenses and camera equipment in a sealed container if you can.
  • Keep your equipment in a cool place that is relatively free from moisture.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean off any obvious dust and debris before and after each use of your lens.
  • Check the outer parts of the rear attachment site for any debris before you reattach your lens.
  • Close the lens mount if you are not using the camera immediately.
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