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Multicolor Pantyhose and Tights for Women

Tights and pantyhose are used in various ways, and therefore, they are distinguishable by their many sub-classifications. For comfort and stylistic preferences, tights are fashioned in a variety of options. Find the size specific for your weight and height on the preferred packaging.

What are tights made of?

Tights are made of a cloth material. They are commonly made of the silky material nylon, cotton, or lycra. The opaque design is often found in athletic wear. Tights offer women a variety of design choices. They can be solid in color, sheer, and seamless. Most often the size of the tights is fashioned to cover from the waist to the tip of your toe, but they can be found to stop just at the ankles. Their second skin characteristics are what give them the name tights.

What is the difference between pantyhose and tights for women?

The original American concept for tights is pantyhose. The main difference between the two garments lies in the density and thickness of the fabric as well as how the garments are created. Pantyhose are woven with thin, sheer materials that you can typically see through, while tights are meant to be thicker and therefore have a more matte or opaque appearance.

What added features do wearing pantyhose offer women?

Pantyhose are crafted by interwoven cotton and nylon fabric. The pores that are created by the interwoven fabric allow for the insertion of skin moisturizers and other products within each available pore. This technique is called microencapsulation.

What are the different kinds of tights for women?

The different kinds of tights for women are leggings, compression pants, stockings, and pantyhose.

  • Leggings are commonly worn for athletic wear and are also worn in a casual manner. The colors vary but can often be found in the color black.
  • Compression pants provide added support for people needing to stand for long periods of time. The clothing will fit tight around the skin. The degree of compression can vary depending on your needs. These are commonly found in the color black.
  • Stockings are commonly worn for fashion preferences. They cover the leg from the foot to the knee and sometimes go up the entire thigh. Stockings come in a diverse range of colors, designs, and transparencies.
  • Pantyhose are often made of the silky material nylon. The wearing of pantyhose aid in the reduction of chafing between the feet and the insides of shoes and between the thighs.