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NHL Autographed Items

Since the initial four teams began playing in November of 1917, the National Hockey League has thrilled fans of the sport with hard-hitting, fast-paced action. As teams have won the Stanley Cup and set records, players and coaches have signed a variety of collectibles. Take a look and see if your favorite player has a signed item that you want to add to your collection.

What types of autographed items are available from hockey players?

Teams have often autographed official game jerseys and helmets for fans as well as used sticks. Other items include:

  • Pucks - The game-winning hockey puck signed by an athlete is a common theme for the fans who were at the game at the time.
  • Magazines - When your favorite athlete makes the front cover of a major sports magazine, an autographed copy is a keepsake you'll treasure for years.
  • Photos - Whether professional or taken at a game by you, a photo speaks louder than words.
  • Index cards - Index cards signed by professional hockey athletes are simple yet memorable. They are small and easy to carry to games, making them ideal for autographs.
How do you verify the authenticity of the signature?

If the authenticity of the NHL athlete's signature is in doubt, you can verify by:

  • Checking for a COA - Some autographed collectibles will come with a certificate of authenticity from an independent verifier.
  • Look at the flow - Check to see if the ink is flowing at the same pressure throughout the signature. A natural signature will have changes due to the natural hand movements.
  • Find the patterns - If you want to see if an autopen was used, find a pattern of the original signature. Autopen signatures will be exactly the same on helmets and other collectibles.
  • Verify the texture - Authentic NHL autographs will often have a different texture than the paper due to friction of the pen.
How do you protect autographed helmets, magazines, or photographs?

You can keep your authentic autograph safe with a variety of methods, such as:

  • Jersey - Place a hot iron over the signature for a few moments, or tumble dry the NHL jersey for a few minutes. Store in a cool, dry location away from dust.
  • Magazine - Place the magazine in a plastic magazine sleeve protector or use a frame. Keep the frame away from moisture in order to avoid warping.
  • Photographs - These, along with index cards, can be placed in a photo album or frame. These will need to be kept clear of moisture, heat, cold, and dust.
  • Helmets - Helmets can be kept safe by placing them in a glass box or cabinet.