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Natori Bras and Bra Sets

Natori lingerie and bra sets are known for their soft feminine features and also for being comfortably durable. From Manila-born designer Josie Natori, these bras provide the support and features you need as well as the aesthetics and comfort you desire. Whether you need a simple one to wear to work or something fancy with lace and more detail for a night on the town, Natori has you covered.

What types of bras are available from the Natori line?

From how it fits and what kind of support it provides to how it looks and what color it is, the Natori line offers several sizes, styles, and options when it comes to undergarments. You can shop for push-up, wireless, convertible, and cami bras with the Natori brand. The following additional lines are available from Natori:

  • Sport: Featuring traditional, racerback, yogi, and molded styles as well as a wide variety of prints and colors, these durable sport bras provide the support you need for working out or for simply being on the go and needing additional support.
  • Full coverage: Ranging in cup sizes from B30 to H42 and in colors such as blush, blueberry, and gray this line is for women who prefer coverage above everything else.
  • Plus support: This line goes up to size 44H and includes strapless bras, underwire bras, and sports bras in neutral and bright colors. These are suitable for the full-figured woman.
  • Maternity: Available in bright blue, black, blush, blueberry, cafe, and cameo rose, these bras provide the support for a mom-to-be or a new mom.
Does Natori offer underwear to match their bras?

If you prefer to wear matching or coordinating undergarments, Natori can help. This brand offers multiple options for sizes, colors, styles, and patterns in order to help you with matching or coordinating your bras with your underwear. You can even mix and match colors and styles to create your own unique and comfortable look.

How do you care for your Natori bras and bra sets?

You should always adhere to the care and washing instructions listed on your Natori bra. Most Natori bras are crafted using nylon, spandex, polyester, and cotton. Since these materials can sometimes shrink or be delicate, special care should be taken to preserve the newness of your Natori bra. Keep in mind that some bras may require dry cleaning. Other general care instructions are to wash with cold water and small amounts of mild detergent, avoid dryer use, and lay flat to dry.

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