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  What are the features of the different types of Nike shoes? 

Basketball Shoes - Basketball players do a lot of twisting, turning, and jumping. Their shoes feature a large platform heel to absorb the shock of jumping along with excellent ankle support. 

Running Shoes - Running is all about reducing the amount of weight on your feet. You need more flexible soles to handle rough or uneven surfaces. They feature a lower heel than basketball shoes, but still need impact support. 

Training Shoes - Training shoes are for wearing to the gym. They feature lower heels for a flatter sole so you have more flexibility when moving side to side, and more flexibility when lifting weights. 

Tennis Shoes - Tennis shoes are much like training shoes and are noted for their lateral support. Some players like to get right up to the net and prefer a reinforced toecap on their shoes.   

How to choose the right Nike shoes.  

  1. Decide what you want the shoes for.      Different sports require shoes that are tailored to support your feet      differently.
  2. Measure your feet so you know the size and      width you need.
  3. Choose your favorite style.
  4. Pick a color.

What to wear with your Nike shoes; Nike clothing and accessories 

Nike pants - Designed for people with an active lifestyle; Nike pants offer a wide range of features for all kinds of activities. There are tights for better support, and lightweight pants for running. Nike sweat pants help moderate your temperature and keep sweat away from your body.  

Nike Jackets - Nike produces a wide range of outerwear from warm up jackets and windbreakers to thermal outerwear. From the aeroloft golf vest to windrunner jacket there are Nike jackets for all outdoor activities.

Nike Compression Gear - Nike compression tops, tights, and shorts provide muscular support for both physical activity and recovery. Compression gear ensures more blood flow while you're exercising, so you feel better once you're done. 

Nike Socks - When it comes to taking care of your feet, shoes are only part of the answer. Nike socks not only provide extra cushioning for your feet, but they also wick moisture away so your feet stay dry all day.

Nike Backpacks and Bags - Carry your gear in style with Nike bags and backpacks.