Everything You Need to Know to Buy a Nikon 1 Lens

The Nikon 1-Series lenses are a must-have for every photographer with a Nikon 1. If you are considering making a purchase of a lens for your Nikon camera on eBay, you will want to know a few important factors about the affordable Nikon 1 series lenses before making that decision.

Do the Nikon 1 Series lenses work with F-mount cameras?

Nikon cameras have almost entirely interchangeable lenses. The FT1 F-mount adapter allows you to use any F-mount camera with your Nikon 1 series lens. The FT1 adapter makes a Nikon camera compatible with AI-P, AF, AF-S, D, and G series without loss of any features or functionality.

What type of lens mount are the Nikon 1 lenses?

The Nikon 1-mount was developed specifically for the Nikon CX format cameras that were invented for the very first Nikon 1 Series camera. All Nikon 1 Series lenses are considered a 1-mount format. These are bayonet-style mounts like the DX and F-mount lenses, which is a mount-style exclusive to Nikon. This makes almost all Nikon lenses interchangeable with an adapter for functionality and size purposes.

What Nikon 1 lens should you choose for sports photography?

Sports photography requires a fast shutter speed between 1/250 of a second and 1/2000 of a second. The Nikon 1 series lenses all have a shutter speed within this range, so for daytime photography you can use just about any of these lenses. If you are going to be shooting from a distance, you will want a variable-length lens or a fixed-length lens between 80mm and 200mm. The other factors to consider are the following:

  • ISO range:ISO is a camera factor when shooting that you will want the lowest ISO possible for the proper exposure.
  • Aperture:Aside from focal length (measured in mm), the most important factor to consider when purchasing a camera lens is the aperture. This is the focal ratio of the lens. How wide will the diameter of the length of the entrance pupil be with the given focal length of the lens? The smaller the number, the larger the opening and the more depth of field you will get between subject and background.
  • Shutter:Between 1/250 of a second and 1/2000 second, most action photography is done at around 1/1000 of a second.
Are Nikon 1 Series lenses good for nighttime photography?

There are several Nikon 1 Series lenses that are good for nighttime photography. You will want a lens that has a fast shutter speed. The focal length of the lens only determines the width of your shot or how far away your subjects will appear. The aperture in combination with your camera's ISO settings will determine how much light is let into the lens for the given shutter speed. To choose the right Nikon 1 Series lens for nighttime photography, select one with a large aperture or low F-stop number.