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Shoot Photos with a Nikon 135mm f2 Lens

A Nikon 135mm f2 lens allows you to take photos of subjects without being too close. The Nikon 135mm f2 lens is mountable to a number of Nikon SLR cameras, including film and digital versions. eBay provides you with various options.

What kind of lens is a Nikon 135mm f2?

A Nikon 135mm f2 lens is a telephoto lens. The 135mm measurement refers to the focal length. You have the ability to take photos of people, landscapes, and more without having to be too close to the subject. If the lens has a zoom capability, it also allows you to zoom in and out to other focal lengths. Otherwise, you have a fixed focal length. The f2 is representative of the maximum aperture, identifying that you can take photos in low light conditions.

How does the lens mount to the camera?

The Nikon 135mm f2 lens mounts to a camera using either an F or AF mount. Its critical for the mount of the lens to be the same as the camera body. Otherwise, an adapter is necessary. The Nikon 135mm f2 lens connects to the camera body by following specific threading and then snapping it into position. The lens is then released from the camera body with a button.

What are some of the available features?

There are a number of available features that might be present on a Nikon 135mm f2 lens. Its crucial to review what you get, so you know what your photographic limits are.

  • Autofocus: The lens focuses on your subject automatically.
  • Image stabilizer: Minimize the use of a tripod because the lens compensates for any shake.
  • Spherical aberration: The degrees can be manipulated to add an artistic touch.
  • Quiet control: The lens is quiet when focusing on subjects.
  • Built-in lens hood: A hood is built-in to block light coming in when photographing subjects.
What might be bundled with the lens?

On eBay, custom bundles are common. You might find several accessories bundled with a Nikon 135mm f2 lens, allowing you to add to your photography tools. You might find the lens come with one or more of the following accessories:

  • Lens leash: Keeps the lens cap attached to the lens.
  • Lens caps: Protects both ends of the lens.
  • Lens hood: Protects the glass and avoids solar flares on images.
  • Filters: Enhances images and protects the glass.
  • Case: Cushions the lens when its in a photography bag.
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