How to Select an AI-S Manual Camera Lens for Your Nikon

When you need to focus on just one element in a scene, a manual focus lens can assist you in achieving your goal. These Nikon Ai-S manual camera lenses are compatible with a wide variety of brands that include Nikon, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, and Vivitar. Ai-S lenses can also be outfitted with an array of focal lengths that extend from 5-millimeters to 180-millimeters.

Which Nikon cameras can use Ai-S type of lenses?
  • Digital SLR: This type of digital camera comes with a number of settings as well as the ability to change lenses. They are also equipped with digital sensors. You can capture and record your photos and videos onto memory cards and hard drives.
  • SLR: This camera uses an electronic viewfinder and captures pictures on photographic film. This type of camera also uses a single-lens reflex system.
  • Medium format: This type of camera uses film with a minimum size of 120-millimeters and a maximum size of just less than 4x5 inches.
  • Rangefinder: This type of camera is outfitted with a rangefinder system. This provides you with the ability to measure the exact distance from the lens on your camera to the object of your picture.
What are the different types of lenses?
  • Fisheye: This type of lens is designed to assist you in capturing wide-angle images of up to 180 degrees. These photos will have some distortion on the edges created by the wide angle of the picture. This makes for a hemispherical or panoramic image.
  • Macro: This type of lens is made to be used for close-up photography where the small subject you are taking a picture of will appear to be larger than life. They come primarily with 1:1 magnification levels.
  • Wide-angle: This type of lens can capture images at a wide angle, which helps to capture more of a scene within a single photo.
  • Telephoto: This type of lens comes with a longer than normal focal length, which helps to create images that are magnified and come with narrow fields of view. The focal lengths that come with these lenses usually start at 60-millimeters.
  • Zoom: These lenses come with a large number of different focal lengths that you can switch before taking photos.
How does a manual focus lens work?

These lenses are designed to be operated by hand, which means you will need to change the focus of the lens. The focus ring is usually located around the base or the middle of the lens that you are using. In most cases, these rings allow you to change the focus by precise amounts until the lens is magnified to your desired position.

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