Nipple Piercing Rings

Nipple Rings

Nipple piercings are a common form of body adornment for both men and women. Jewelry for this versatile body piercing comes in many styles, ranging from cute hearts to edgy barbells. Whether you choose a gold, titanium, or steel nipple ring, you can be confident that this form of jewelry will accent your chest.

What are nipple rings made of?

Many different types of metal are used to make nipple jewelry, so you should pick the option that best suits your needs. You can choose from:

  • Titanium: This is a biologically inert metal, so it is the least likely to cause any sort of allergic reaction.
  • Stainless Steel: Like titanium, surgical stainless steel is rust resistant and unlikely to cause allergies.
  • Gold: Gold is an excellent choice for upscale nipple jewelry. Solid-gold adornments and gold-plated options are both worth considering.
  • PTFE: PTFE is a type of polymer that creates flexible nipple barbells. It is quite comfortable, and it’s hypoallergenic.

What are common nipple-ring shapes?

Jewelry for nipple piercings come in many different shapes, so you have a lot of fun options to pick from.

  • Barbell: Barbells are a common shape. They consist of a single, straight line of metal that pierces the nipple and has a ball on each end.
  • Ring: Rings are another common shape. They loop around into a circle for an attractive design. If the ring has a small bead on it, it is normally called a captive-bead ring.
  • Horseshoe:This is similar to a basic nipple barbell, but it curves around the nipple without becoming an enclosed ring-nipple piercing.
  • Dangle rings: These piercings feature a barbell with some sort of pretty accessory hanging from it.
  • Shields: Nipple shields are nipple piercings that goes through the nipple and then have another attached piece around the nipple. This type of nipple adornment comes in artistic shapes, such as hearts, stars, or flowers.

Can you use nipple rings on other body parts?

If you have multiple face or body piercings, you can use the same piece of jewelry in different areas. Nipple rings are so versatile that a standard 14-gauge nipple piercing can be cleaned and worn in other pierced areas, such as:

  • The Tongue: A nipple barbell is typically identical to a standard tongue ring.
  • Eyebrows: Smaller ring or barbell styles of jewelry can also look cute on the eyebrow.
  • The Belly: Horseshoes and rings can also be used as belly button jewelry.
  • The Nose: Dangle-type nipple rings look equally nice as a septum piercing on the nose.