Otras herramientas de mano Automotriz

Other Automotive Hand Tools

The underestimated and often forgotten mechanic hand tools in your toolbox are the ones that fall under the other automotive hand tools category. The reason these tools get overlooked is that they arent used every day like others such as a wrench, screwdriver, or drill. Lets talk about three of the most overlooked—Allen keys, exhaust pipe expander, and trim removal tools.

Hex or Allen Key

Although this tool is often referred to as an Allen wrench, the word Allen actually refers to a company, so the better term to use is the hex wrench or hex key. The most commonly used hex key is the L-shaped type which often comes in a set with various sizes to fit any project. The small size allows users to reach into tight spaces to loosen or tighten bolts and screws that have a hexagonal socket. For tougher jobs, or jobs that require a long handle to reach the bolt, go with a T-handle hex key. The handle gives you more gripping power to apply pressure to the tool in order to drive or release the screw.  

Exhaust Pipe Expander Tool

You might ask, what in the world is an exhaust pipe expander tool and when would I ever use it? The answer to the first part is that it is a tool that is used to straighten out clamp dents in tailpipes and mufflers. Mechanics use it when doing an exhaust installation or system repair. How it works is that you turn the hex bar with a wrench which then expands the pipe to remove the dents.

Trim Removal Tool

Auto trim and molding tools often come in sets and give you the ability to make specialized automotive repairs. Trim is added to a car to make it look good and working on it needs to be done in a way that does not take away the charm or visual display of the trim work. No matter what your auto repair experience, the right removal tool makes it easy to remove trim, molding, door panels, and even dashboards without damage.