Easy Cooling With Commercial Restaurant Refrigeration

When you find yourself running out of room to store food, you may begin to search for a commercial freezer. Luckily, it has never been easier to search "used commercial freezer for sale near me" and come up with hundreds of results on eBay. You may make the decision to purchase a commercial refrigerator freezer for home use, or you may be looking for your business. 

What types of used commercial freezers are available? 

There are several different commercial refrigerators available for consumer purchase. Try searching the following phrases to compare your needs to what each may offer:  

  • Commercial reach-in freezer for sale
  • Commercial walk-in cooler for sale
  • Commercial display refrigerator for sale
  • Commercial bar refrigerator for sale
  • Commercial chest freezer for sale
  • Commercial refrigerator for sale

What to know about used commercial freezers 

No matter if you're in the market for a used commercial refrigerator freezer combo or a used commercial chest freezer or you have not made a definite decision, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Consider the following factors when you're evaluating pre-owned and used commercial freezers:  

  • Size: Finding the right size is crucial. In order to avoid unnecessary energy usage, try to assess just how much room you will need. Once that is accomplished, compare units to find the best fit.
  • Maintenance: Be ready for maintenance. Nobody wants to lose the entirety of their commercial freezer or refrigerator stock. The chance of this will be drastically reduced if the unit is kept cleaned and properly serviced.
  • Life span: The average life span of a commercial freezer is 10 years. Keep this in mind when you are purchasing a used commercial freezer or refrigerator.

What brands of commercial freezers are available? 

There are many different brands available. It is also worth mentioning that nearly every year these brands are releasing newer units, and more brands are coming forth. These are just a few of the brands to keep in mind when you are searching for a used commercial refrigerator.  

  • Traulsen: This brand offers blast chillers, freezers, and refrigerators that utilize their very own cyclonic airflow technology.
  • Randell: Specializing in commercial refrigerators, this brand takes pride in its ability to make all sizes and shapes.
  • Kelvinator: One of this brand's well-known items is its sliding-door chest freezer.
  • Arctic Air: Offering nearly every commercial cooling device, this is one of the most-bought brands.