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Key Ring Watches

A key ring watch offers the dual functionality of a keychain for your keys and rewards cards as well as a watch that tells you the date and time. Rather than wearing this type of timepiece, it is integrated into the keychain and fits into your pocket. Key ring watches often have additional smart and helpful features and decorations to suit your style.

What are the features of a key ring watch?

  • Display options - The key ring watch may have an analog or digital display. The analog keychain watches use a liquid crystal display to show you the time. These keychain devices often have a back light so you can see the display in the dark.
  • Decorative fobs - A key ring watch may have a visually appealing fob or covering. Some of the popular decorative touches on these watches include flowers, animals, coins, owls, and medallions.
  • Keychain functionality - The keychain is fully functional for holding your keys. The keys are easy to insert on the keychain because it opens like a carabiner or a key ring. Once the keychain is closed, the keys stay in place.
  • Clock functions - The watch on the keychain may offer clock features such as an alarm or a timer. The watch may also have stopwatch functionality, allowing you to time yourself while exercising, cooking, or breathing.

What materials are key rings with watches made from?

  • Stainless steel - The watch and the key ring may be made of stainless steel. Stainless steel resists corrosion, and it is the same type of material that most keys are made from. This helps to ensure that there will be no reaction between your keys and the metal of the watch.
  • Other metals - Other metals, such as chrome, bronze, silver, or pewter may be used for the case around a keychain watch. These materials are designed to be durable, resist extreme temperatures, and withstand exposure to rain, sweat, and salt if you take the keychain outside or to the gym.
  • Plastic and other materials - The case around the watch on a keychain may also be made of plastic, silicone, or acrylic resin. These materials come in a full range of colors and offer durability against impacts in case the keychain is dropped onto a hard surface.

How do you use a key ring watch?

To use the key ring, open it with your two hands by pulling each end of the ring away from the other. Doing this allows you to put your keys or store cards with a key hole on the keychain. To set the time on the watch, use the set function or mode button on the side of the case. If it has a pinhole, insert a safety pin into it to reach the time setting function. On a digital display, the seconds, minutes, or hours will begin to blink. Continue to press the button until it switches to the unit of time that you want to set. Press the set or mode button on the watch once again to set the time.