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How to Choose Overwatch Statues

As a commercially successful shooter game that features powerful characters and fast-paced action, Overwatch may not only have you glued to your console, but it also may make you want to invest in some collectible figures representing some of your favorite heroes from the game. To that end, there are numerous types and brands from which to select.

Which Brands Make Overwatch Statues?

It's important to note that statues are different than regular action figures. While action figures are generally considered toys to be played with, statues serve more as display pieces made from solid materials, though you may be tempted to reenact some scenes from the game with them. There are a few brands known for their detailed statues.

  • Blizzard Entertainment creates numerous collectible designs when it comes to video-game statues, and these range in height from 11 or 12 inches up to 24 inches. Blizzard's statues also come with display bases.
  • The Good Smile Company creates models that have a distinct look and design. Their big heads and smaller bodies give them an enjoyable and friendly appearance, and they're typically made of ABS and PVC materials.
  • Statues from Funko come in assorted sizes. Though these are affordable and may not have the details that higher-end statues have, the larger six-inch versions look impressive when displayed in a collection of multiple Funko Pop! designs.

What Are Some Features of Statues?

When browsing for statues, most gamers are looking for quality, details, and how the character is represented, such as how they're posed or the weapons or items that are included.

  • Designs made from polyresin are sturdy and heavy. This isn't lightweight material; these statues are made from quality materials that hold up.
  • Hand-painted designs crafted by skilled artists bring life to faces, bodies, and every detail of the statue, making them look more realistic.
  • Some statues come with different removable or changeable features, like weapons or hands that you can switch out or allow the hero to hold.

Which Character Figures Are Available?

Overwatch is made up of some core characters, and though all of them are lauded for their special skills, weapons, and even powers in some cases, there are a few that are common choices when it comes to purchasing merchandise.

  • Tracer is one of the female fighters in the game. Armed with two pistols, she not only has a sharp-tongued wit, but she's extremely fast and can lob grenades from long distances that explode after a few seconds.
  • Some of the most beloved figurines no doubt look like Reaper, a skeletal-looking figure with special spooky powers. He can be impervious to damage, making him very powerful.
  • Her purple looks give way to Widowmaker's serious skills, with poisonous, toxic gas and a sniper rifle, you don't want to get on her bad side.