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Panasonic Telephone Charging Base

Replacing Your Home Phone Charging Base

If you have an entire Panasonic phone system in good working condition, you may want to consider only replacing phone components that are damaged or no longer work. Before you start looking for replacement parts, you need to locate the model number of your Panasonic phone.

What Components Does A Cordless Phone System Consist Of?

  • Base unit - each phone system has at least one base station, which is connected to the landline phone network. It houses the answering machine and speakerphone if the system comes with these features. It also has a charger for the primary handset. The base unit may also have an LCD screen that displays incoming and outgoing phone numbers, caller ID, the current time and date, and is used to access the phone systems options menu.
  • Charging docks - as the name implies, the phone docks main purpose is to hold and charge the handsets when they are not being used. They use AC adapters to connect to the power.
  • Handsets - these are the cordless units used to conduct the actual phone call. They communicate with the base unit via radio frequencies and are powered by specialized rechargeable batteries. Some handsets also have LCD screens displaying call-related information.

How To Replace A Charging Dock?

  • Replacing the phone charging base is very easy - simply remove the handset and unplug the old unit from the power outlet. Then plug in the replacement unit and place the handset back in the cradle.
  • When selecting the replacement base, ensure it is the correct model number to match your Panasonic phone system.

How Does A Cordless Phone System Operate?

  • Cordless phones operate on special radio frequencies. There have been seven frequencies designated for cordless systems with the three most widely in use being 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, and 5.8 GHz. 
  • The base station and the handsets communicate with each other over radio with the base unit serving as the transmitter and the handsets as the receivers.
  • The range and clarity of your phone depends on the frequency the system uses. Higher frequencies allow you to use the cordless handset further away from the telephone base and usually deliver clearer calls.
  • Each phone system has a maximum capacity, which is the total number of handsets it can support. 

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