Pear Engagement Ring Settings

If you are looking to create a custom engagement ring, then purchasing a setting is an easy way to do so. For a pear-shaped stone, select a pear-shaped setting to create a one-of-a-kind ring that is all your own. Use this guide to find your pear engagement ring.

What metals do pear engagement ring settings come in?

Pear engagement rings come in a wide variety of metals.

For gold options, engagement band settings come in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and multi-toned rose gold. The gold can range from 14-karat gold to 18-karat gold.

For silver options, engagement bands come in sterling silver, silver-plated, and stainless steel.

Engagement bands can also come in platinum, palladium, and titanium.

How does the sizing work in an engagement band?

Engagement band sizes often range from a small size 3 to a large size 12. Engagement band sizes come in increments of 1/4. For example, size 5, 5.25, 5.5, and 5.75 would be the sizes within the 5 range.

In order to know what size ring you are, you will first need a piece of dental floss or string. Take this piece of string and wrap it around the base of your finger. Use a writing utensil to mark where the one end meets the other end. Then, use the millimeter side of the ruler to measure the string. Take this measurement and use it to choose the number closest to the measurement. For example, if your finger measured at 6.45mm, then you would want to choose a band in size 6.5.

What styles do pear engagement bands come in?

While these engagement band mounts can come in a wide range of styles, three common styles are:

  • Solitaire
  • Solitaire with accents
  • Three stone
Do pear engagement ring settings come with a stone?

No. If you are looking to buy the setting, it will be the setting alone, and you can place your own stone into the mount. The mount will not include any type of main stone. However, the bands can have diamond stones integrated into the band that will be included.

In addition to diamonds, these stones in the band can be man-made diamonds, moissanite, or many other types of stones.

How does the setting get placed in the ring?

For your main diamond or stone to be as secure as possible, it is preferable to take your purchased setting along with your diamond or other stone to a jeweler. This is in order to ensure that the diamond or other stone is placed correctly and will not fall out.