Pentium LGA 1150 Procesador de Computadora

Pentium LGA 1150 Computer Processors

As the world's foremost processor company, Intel makes a wide range of different processors and chipsets. Intel processors gained popularity under the Pentium name, a name the company chose because it could not trademark the 586 as a processor name. LGA 1150 CPUs represent the 4th gen. Intel Core architecture, also known as the Haswell design. The name refers to the type of socket that attaches the processor to the motherboard, and is an important way to check processor compatibility.

How Do Sockets Work?

Different processors use different sockets to ensure that you don't put a CPU in an incompatible motherboard and burn it out. There are a wide range of different sockets but the all fall into two main socket types.

  • Standard Sockets: In a standard socket, the bottom of the CPU is covered with pins that then insert into tiny holes in the socket. This allows each pin to make contact with the correct pad and prevents it from moving and damaging the CPU.
  • LGA Sockets: LGA designs flip the paradigm on its head. The pins are in the socket and the pads on the bottom of the CPU. The advantage of this design is that it moves the most fragile element off the processor and onto the motherboard where it can be safe.

What are Processor Lines?

Intel Corporation makes a wide range of processors that generally fall into three basic lines. Each line aims at a different market segment and offers different benefits and tradeoffs to the buyer. Choosing the right one depends on knowing what you want out of your computer system. In most cases, you have to balance price against performance to make the choice that's right for your specific needs:

  • Celeron: The Celeron is Intel's basic entry level architecture. They offer acceptable performance for budget designs. Most such computers have only limited memory slots and provide basic multi-tasking performance.
  • Pentium: The next step up, the Intel Pentium provides more single-core performance and better multi-tasking, with improved cache enabling more work even at the same GHz rating.
  • Core: The Core i3, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i7 represent the upper tier of the company's offerings including 3 GHz quad-core processors at the top of the line.

Choosing a Pentium LGA1150 CPU

An Intel Pentium LGA 1150 processor is a dual-core design aimed at handling moderate workloads in either a desktop or laptop environment. When installing a CPU in an LGA1150 socket, you also need CPU cooler powerful enough for the thermal load of that processor type. It's easy to burn out the system if your Pentium doesn't have a cooler, and don't forget to upgrade it if you're doing any overclocking.