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Stay Warm and Cozy in Peruvian Connection Women's Sweaters

Choose a lightweight or heavier sweater depending on whether you're dressing for cool or warmer weather. Peruvian Connection sweaters are available in styles and knit weaves to suit your tastes. Make a fashion statement in the daytime or nighttime by pairing these stylish knitwear options with skirts, pants, or dresses.

What Sweater Styles Are Available?

  • Cardigans: These open sweater styles are available in designs that hit above, at, and below the hips. They may or may not have button closures. Ones with a tie-waist feature enable you to cinch it closed. You'll find colorful western-style designs to include dropped shoulders, contrast stripe banding or hand crocheted trims.
  • Pullovers: With the sweaters available in three-quarter and regular long sleeves, you'll be able to switch out tops during changing weather. Accessorize with jewelry or a scarf for extra flair. For convenience, drape a shawl on top of your pullover when moving between indoor and outdoor spaces. Likewise, tunics are good choices to slim your body and provide layering between seasons.

What Fabrics Are Available for Seasonal Wear?

Wool from an Alpaca can be spun in light or heavy weaves and has a soft and luxurious feel. An Alpaca sweater may include other fibers such as nylon and wool. During warmer weather, you can choose specimens made from Pima cotton, which is grown in Peru, Australia, and drier US climates. It has longer fibers so it's stronger, softer, and more durable. You'll find cardigans, pullovers, and other knitwear in both Alpaca wool and Pima cotton.

How Do You Take Care of and Store Peruvian Connection Sweaters?

These handmade sweaters made by Andean artisans have a tag to provide care instructions for each garment. When handwashing your sweater, use cool water no hotter than 85 degrees mixed with a mild soap. The manufacturer recommends using their Luxury Fibre Wash to help retain the natural oils in the clothing. Air dry the clothing horizontally rather than put it in a dryer. Likewise, you'll be able to machine wash certain sweaters following the same washing instructions. Just make sure to never add chlorine bleach. Additionally, store sweaters flat, rather than hanging them. Do not place knit clothing in a plastic bag as the fibers need air circulation.