Disfraces de pirata

Pirate Costumes

Ever dreamt of leaving it all behind for the carefree life of a fearsome pirate? Want to be your own boss, travel to exotic locations, and wear really great swashbuckling outfits while seeking treasure? With these amazing costumes, in styles for men, women, children, and toddlers, you will look the part from head to toe and channel your inner swashbuckler and sail the Caribbean.

What is typically included with an adults' pirate costume?

While pre-assembled pirate costumes are not likely to include items like boots or swords, they do include the clothing pieces and sometimes hats and accessories. They do make it easy to finish a pirate look with the addition of simple items like earrings, head kerchiefs, and more.

What other items complement a pirate costume to complete the look?

Accessories to finish your pirate costume may include the famous black eyepatch, to be worn over either eye. Costume swords may also be carried. Stuffed animal parrots that can be perched on one shoulder can lend a whimsical tone to a pirate costume. A single large, hoop earring may be worn, on either ear. Clip-ons will work for those without ear piercings. A head kerchief can be worn in lieu of a pirate hat, tied at the base of the skull. Black or dark brown boots are often the perfect footwear when dressing as a pirate. Other accessories may include a fake treasure map or an old-fashioned looking glass.

For a pirate wench for girls and women, consider adding a corset or cincher over a dress. For a pirate captain, consider adding a more fancy black or red tri-corn hat. 

How do you clean and store your pirate costume?

  • Washing: Remember many Halloween costumes aren't meant for everyday wear, so care is needed for cleaning and storage. First, look for any washing instructions and if found, follow those directions. If it says "dry clean only," as may be the case with deluxe costumes, don't attempt to hand wash it as doing so can cause it to shrink -- up to 1-2 sizes. It could also fade or bleed onto other clothing. If a tag says it can be hand washed, or there are no instructions, turn the costume inside out and wash by hand in a sink filled with cold water and using a gentle detergent. Gently clean and rinse the item, turning it outside in and hanging it up to dry. Don't throw the costume into a clothes dryer without instructions to do so.
  • Ironing: Following the instructions on the iron for the material type. Gently iron your costume with a fairly low heat setting and using distilled water. Wrinkle release spray may also be used.
  • Storage: Ideally, costumes should be hung and protected in garment bags. Hang the costume in a cool, dry place, out of the sun. Costumes may also be neatly folded and stored in large plastic bags. Costume wigs should be similarly stored, on a Styrofoam wig stand if possible. Costume accessories should be kept in a large plastic bag with the costume.