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Planet Eclipse Paintball Markers

Planet Eclipse Paintball Markers

Paintball can be a great way to unwind and to enjoy active time with your friends. When you are playing the game, however, it is important to find the type of gun that can meet the requirements youre looking for in your style of play. For this reason, you may find the Planet Eclipse collection worth considering.

What is a Planet Eclipse paintball marker?

The Planet Eclipse paintball marker is simply a paintball gu, according to the terminology of the game. This is the main piece of equipment that most people who play this game would have in their arsenal. The products operate using either compressed air or a form of expanding gas to propel the balls of paint out of the gun so that they can strike their desired target. Carbon Dioxide is often used in this process. The guns are called markers because this equipment was originally used to mark trees and wandering cattle by forestry personnel and ranchers, respectively.

What are the features of the Planet Eclipse Gtek?

The Planet Eclipse Gtek offers a single-tube, spool valve marker. You can clean your bolt less with its closed bolt spool. The Gtek has a spring trigger as well as a Gamma Core drivetrain.

What other Planet Eclipse products should one consider?

Planet Eclipse carries a wide variety of products that can enhance your game along with the main equipment that they provide in the right price ranges. There are jerseys of all kinds as well as pants. There are also gloves that can assist you while you are shooting the gun and all kinds of padding and protection. There is also casual clothing that can be worn outside of a commercial field for this activity. The padding and protection are particularly important considering that a paintball gun is capable of shooting out balls of paint at a speed of about 90 meters per second.

What are the features of the Planet Eclipse C2?

The Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 is lightweight and offers a large volume, which allows for the operating pressure to be reduced extensively. It also features a two-piece grip system, a locking design, and a tool-less bolt system. In addition, its GP Core drivetrain has an operating pressure of 110ps. Other features offered are the Shaft FL barrel with a carbon fiber front, a .681 and .689 barrel back, and a customizable blade-style trigger.

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