Platinum Engagement and Wedding Ring Sets

Platinum Engagement and Wedding Ring Sets

Platinum is one of the noble metals. Bright silver-white, it hypoallergenic and does not tarnish, which means that it doesn’t need to be alloyed with lesser metals, as is seen with gold. Platinum’s soft brilliance makes any wedding or engagement band beautiful, even if they do not have gems.

What kind of platinum bridal sets are available?

In these engagement and wedding band sets, the engagement ring usually has the showier jewels. For example, the engagement ring can have a large diamond in the center with smaller diamonds on the shoulders of the band. Its accompanying wedding band might have been channel set with small gems but lacks a large central gem. Indeed, in some of the sets there is a depression in the wedding band that makes room for the central gem in the engagement ring. This allows both rings to be worn together comfortably. These wedding rings are called crescent rings.

What types of gems are worn in platinum wedding and engagement ring sets?

Types of gems include:

  • Diamonds: Made of pure carbon, diamond is not only the hardest substance known, but can be polished and faceted to an unmatched radiance and fiery brilliance. Diamond is the gem chosen most often for wedding and engagement rings. Most platinum rings available have white or transparent diamonds, though diamonds can come in many colors, including black, cognac, and yellow. Colored diamonds are called “fancies.”
  • Cubic zirconia: This is a synthetic gem made to resemble diamond at much less cost. A well-cut CZ almost sparkles as brightly as diamond.
  • Sapphire: Sapphire is the second hardest substance known. It is often used as an accent gem on an engagement ring, though it can also be the central gem. This jewel is known for its blue hues, but it can be any color but red.
  • Pearl: In some rings, a single, perfect pearl is the center gem.
  • Moissanite: This gem, made of silicon carbide, rivals diamond for hardness, brilliance and rarity.
  • Tanzanite: This is a beautiful gem that is only mined in Tanzania. It can be pure blue to violet.
Can platinum be paired with other metals?

Platinum can certainly be paired with other metals, including white, yellow and rose gold. These types of gold are alloyed with other metals to make them strong enough to be worn every day. Sometimes, even platinum is coated with rhodium, a very hard, silver metal that protects it.

What types of settings and styles do these platinum rings come in?

Settings and styles include:

  • Split shank: This means the ring’s band is split in two or even three. The separated parts are often very ornate and made to resemble vines or leaves. Often, they are encrusted with small diamonds.
  • Semi-mounted: In this style, the central gem is missing, though the other gems are in place. It is up to you to provide the gem of your choice.
  • Halo: This is a large central stone surrounded by smaller ones.
  • Solitaire: This is a central stone in a prong setting, with few or no other gems around it.