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Frequently Asked Questions About Polk Marine Speakers

Like most other adventures in life, a day on the water is better with music. To get the most out of every boat outing, its vital to choose the right audio equipment. For watercraft, boaters should opt for high-quality marine speakers, which are available on eBay in new and used versions.

What are reasons to install marine-certified speakers in a boat?

When upgrading a boats sound system, its vital to choose audio equipment that is marine-certified. No matter how careful boaters are, the audio equipment is likely to get wet at some point. For this reason alone, the gear should be waterproof. Marine-certified speakers are waterproof and also able to deliver high-quality sound. In fact, speakers are the only part of a sound system that is affected by the environment, which intensifies the need to choose the right gear.

Trips on a boat can get noisy. If the right sound system isnt installed, it wont be audible in all situations. With the right speakers and installation, music will be audible when the boat is running and when its idle.

Can Polk marine speakers withstand salty and humid environments?

Polk marine speakers can be used in any weather condition, including salty and humid environments. Due to the unique design, technology, and construction, marine-certified audio equipment isnt susceptible to harsh weather conditions or elements such as saltwater. Since water doesnt penetrate the interior of this type of speaker, it wont rust internally or suffer due to corrosion.

What size of Polk marine speakers are available?

Polk marine speakers are available predominantly in two sizes. The 5 1/4-inch circular speakers fit well in most pre-existing factory speaker settings. For those who would like to add more speakers to their watercraft or are planning to keep factory speakers and add Polk marine speakers, there are also 6-inch tall speakers that can be hardwired to a boat.

The availability of the two options and unique design of these marine speakers allow installers to place the speakers in locations that will create positive listening experiences.

What features should a quality marine speaker have?

Since quality is most important for marine speakers, its important to know what features are must-haves and ensure those requirements are present before buying. To ensure the option chosen will stand up under unique use and boating environments, you should choose a system that encompasses the following features:

  • Has a high peak power rating
  • Is constructed of high-quality materials
  • Features RMS
  • Is compatible with existing equipment or new gear
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