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ProForm Fitness Equipment Parts & Accessories

ProForm Fitness Equipment Parts & Accessories

ProForm offers several accessories for the fitness needs of men and women. You can also purchase replacement parts for your existing ProForm Fitness equipment so that you can work out at home. Because these parts cover a wide variety of gym accessories including treadmills, elliptical machines, and other devices, its helpful to familiarize yourself with some of the most common pieces that you can purchase from ProForm.

What features does the ProForm Fitness display console have?

ProForm produces numerous display console parts for your treadmill or other workout equipment. Most of these consoles have similar functions and features across various models. Some of the most common features of these fitness accessories include:

  • Music control buttons to adjust the level of volume and enjoy reaching your weight loss fitness goals.
  • Fan control buttons to set the rate of spin for the fans. Some compatible accessories for your equipment have built-in fans that will blow cool air for you during your fitness training sessions. Youll no longer need to use your hat as a makeshift fan.
  • A button that will act as a virtual trainer to display the rate at which you are burning calories on your treadmill, for instance.
  • Options to set the intensity level of the workout.n With this treadmill display, youll have control over the speed at which you run and the steepness of the virtual incline.
  • If you prefer, you can use an automatic setting for these features or switch to manual input with the push of a button.
  • These displays include convenient green and red start and stop buttons.

What parts can you buy for ProForm ellipticals?

If you own a ProForm machine such as the 1110 model, there are several replacement part options open to you.

  • Because they are moving parts, the pedals on your ProForm may see some natural wear as you exercise. If you need to replace these on your piece of equipment, both right- and left-side pedals are available for purchase. These ProForm elliptical pedals come in standard dark colors with thick, multi-colored tread on the inside for traction. The edges of the pedals are raised to help encapsulate the feet and keep them on track while you are using the machine.
  • Replacement roller wheels for your elliptical are also available. These parts allow the arms of the machine to move back and forth and may be subject to contact wear during your fitness routine. You can purchase new ramp wheels to restore functionality to your elliptical.
  • The base of the unit holds the frame and the moving parts together. This area of the elliptical has a cover that you may wish to replace. The ProForm elliptical cover is a black rectangle with hinged areas to attach it to the machine.

What other ProForm treadmill parts are available? 

In addition to display consoles that control the functionality of your home gym fitness treadmill, you can purchase other pieces for it.

  • A safety key will start the fitness unit or prevent unauthorized use if the key is not present.
  • Drive belts keep the various areas of the motor in contact with one another.
  • A motor cover can keep the moving pieces out of sight and out of the way.

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