What You Need to Know About Quantaray Camera Lens for Nikon

Quantaray lenses are available in a variety of different focus types and lengths. These lenses are also compatible with different mounts. Caring for a lens properly can help it to be as efficient as possible.

What sorts of focus types are available?

Quantaray camera lenses for Nikon are available in automatic, manual, and a combination of the two. With automatic focus, the camera is programmed to adjust itself in order to focus on a particular point of interest, determined by the photographer. Manually adjusted lenses involve the photographer turning dials to determine the preferred point of focus. Combination lenses allow for either option.

What focal lengths and focal length types exist?
  • Focal lengths include 24, 28, 28 to 90, 28 to 200, 70 to 210, 70 to 300, 100 to 300, and 300 millimeters.
  • Focal length types include fixed and zoom options. Fixed or prime lenses do not allow for zooming; subjects consistently appear at a certain distance away from the camera. Zoom lenses allow for the focus to be adjusted, not only in terms of clarity, but in terms of size and distance as well. Different kinds of shots require each of these capabilities.
What kinds of mounts are there?

Mounts for the Quantaray camera lens for Nikon include Canon EF, M42, Nikon 1, Nikon AF, and Nikon F. The lens is compatible with each of these mounts to produce a slightly different result. Mount type depends largely on an individual photographers choice.

What kinds of devices are these lenses compatible with?

Quantaray camera lenses for Nikons are compatible with DSLR, mirrorless, and SLR cameras.

  • A DLSR design is digital, meaning that a sensor inside the device sees and tracks images. No film is used to generate the photographs.
  • Mirrorless devices are types of hybrids that allow for different types of lenses to be used with the device. Often mirrorless models are skinnier due to the lack of device inside to move between the viewfinder and the image sensor.
  • SLR designs have a single lens and a reflex mirror. The mirror serves to direct light to the viewfinder so that a photographer can set up a shot according to his or her wishes.
How do you care for this kind of lens?

First, remove dirt from the device with a soft brush. Then, use a small amount of lens cleaner on a soft, dry cloth. Apply the cleaner with gentle circular motions to the lens. Start at the center of the lens and gradually work outward, toward the edges. Avoid cleaning the lens too frequently, but know that dirty equipment can interfere with setting up a particular shot. Smudges, dirt, or stains can damage a lens easily. Take care to protect your equipment, especially in the field.

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