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Ralph Lauren Men's Casual Shirts

When the Ralph Lauren company opened in 1967, their focus was on creating and selling men's ties. Soon afterward, Polo Ralph Lauren began when the company introduced polo shirts into the line. The shirt options available from Ralph Lauren are extensive, and they include classic cotton tees in long-sleeve and short-sleeve styles, Oxford shirts with buttons, and more.

Does Polo Ralph Lauren make warm- and cool-weather shirts?

Ralph Lauren is a designer that creates polos for all seasons. Their short-sleeve and long-sleeve looks are available in many colors, prints, and sizes. You can find a range of Ralph Lauren men’s casual shirts that can be worn any time of the year. Their short-sleeved shirts can work well when layered under a long-sleeved button-down shirt when you need some extra warmth, for example.

What colors are shirts from Polo Ralph Lauren available in?

The classic T-shirts offered by Polo Ralph Lauren are available in hues such as red, navy, blue, heather, armadillo, and others. If you are looking for a polo with a collar, you may find that the colors for polo shirts vary for both short and long sleeves. Some of the polo colors available from Polo Ralph Lauren include brown, navy, light blue, gray, and others. Each of these cotton shirts and polos has the distinctive Ralph Lauren logo on them for a custom feel.

What patterns do Ralph Lauren polo shirts come in?

While is it important to find a shirt or polo that has a custom fit and a desirable color, you should not feel limited by solid hues when shopping from Polo Ralph Lauren. Polo and other types of cotton Ralph Lauren shirts are available in prints and patterns as well. For example, thin, vertical stripes, polka dots, floral prints, and logo shirts are all possibilities through Polo Ralph Lauren.

What is the fit of these polo shirts?

Before you get a polo shirt from Ralph Lauren, spend time learning about the fit options for the shirts. Polo shirts, T-shirts, and even Oxford shirts are available in several fits. An Oxford shirt is made from a specific type of woven fabric. A slim fit is one option for shirts, but you can also find polo shirts available from Polo Ralph Lauren in regular fit styles. The regular fit for polo shirts is more relaxed and may fit you and your style.

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