Gafas de sol de hombre Ray-Ban


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Ray-Ban Men's Sunglasses

Sunglasses can help keep your eyes healthy and in good shape. Wearing a good pair outdoors can protect your eyes from dust, debris, and the sun's harmful UV rays as well as reduce skin wrinkling that is caused from squinting. Sunglasses come in a variety of different shapes, lens colors, and frame materials and can even accommodate prescription lenses.

What styles of Ray-Ban sunglasses are available?

  • Aviator lens: Ray-Ban Aviators and pilot-style sunglasses can be easily identified by their classic double bridge and teardrop lens shape. This style of sunglasses was originally designed by Ray-Ban for use in airplane cockpits by pilots as this type of eyewear worked well with their helmets.
  • Square lens: Ray-Ban Wayfarer square lens sunglasses were inspired by designs popular in the 1950s. A square lens works well with most facial shapes.
  • Round lens: These sunglasses have a very distinct shape and became popular in the 1960s. They were commonly worn by musicians, including Elton John, John Lennon, and others.
  • Rectangular lens: A rectangular lens can give off a sporty feel, and this style of sunglasses is wider than it is tall. This lens shape is suitable for round faces.

What frame styles does Ray-Ban make?

  • Full frame: The company produces many full-frame glasses where the frame completely surrounds the lens.
  • Half frame: Half-frame glasses only include a frame along the top edge of the lenses, leaving the bottom of each lens open.
  • Frameless: Frameless glasses are also known as rimless glasses, and they do not incorporate a physical rim around the lens.

What is a polarized lens?

The sun's rays shine in every direction, and when they hit a flat surface, such as a building, pool, snow, and even the windshield or hood of a car, they become polarized and are magnified, reflecting horizontally into your eyes. This reflected light can not only be damaging to your eyes, but it can also make it harder to see and alter your depth perception. Polarized lenses are designed to block this horizontally reflected light, effectively eliminating glare. Polarized glasses are worn by outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen, skiers, bikers, and more.

What are Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers?

Wayfarers are sunglasses that Ray-Ban began producing in the early 1950s. These sunglasses are characterized by the frame, which has a distinctive trapezoidal shape. This lens shape was designed to portray an edgy and masculine look and was originally marketed to men because of this. The Wayfarer style of eyewear was originally popular with Hollywood actors and rock musicians. This Ray-Ban look continues to be manufactured by the company.