Camisetas de ventilador de la NFL Reggie White

Reggie White NFL Fan Jerseys

Several styles and sizes of Reggie White jerseys are available due to the variety of teams he played with throughout his career. Learning more about the various NFL jerseys will make it easier to get what you need.

What NFL teams has Reggie White played for?

Reggie White was active with the NFL from 1985 until 2000; he later passed away in 2004. During his career, he played for several teams throughout the NFL. Apart from the initial college team he played for, he wore the team jerseys of:

  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Carolina Panthers
What's the difference between home and away NFL jerseys?

Home jerseys are often brighter in color than the away jerseys. In many instances, the away jersey is white. For example, a Reggie White Green Bay Packers home jersey would be green with yellow stripes on the sleeves and a white "92" on the chest. A Philadelphia Eagles one would feature a dark green color with silver accents. He kept the same number between both teams.

What sizing options are there for NFL jerseys?

When you're looking to buy Reggie White NFL jerseys, there are three size categories they can come in. You may want to find a size larger than what you actually need to ensure that the shirt is comfortable on you.

  • Youth: Youth sizes are suitable for kids and teens.
  • Women's: Women’s sizes are cut larger at the bust and tapered at the waist. Sizes are often expressed as XS-XL.
  • Men's: Standard for adult men, though they can be worn by all genders and all ages. Sizes are typically expressed as 46-58, based on chest size.
How do you choose a Reggie White jersey to wear?

There are a few things to look for when shopping for a Reggie White jersey:

  • Team: Determine what team's colors you want to wear. Options include the Eagles, the Panthers, and the Packers.
  • Home vs. away: Decide what style you want to buy.
  • Special edition jerseys: Some jerseys get changed for special occasions or to support a cause.
  • Style: You can opt for a standard style, a long-sleeve t-shirt, a throwback style, or a design with added embroidery.
How do you wash a Reggie White jersey?

What follows are a few basic care tips. Please refer to any included care instructions for full details:

  • When your Philadelphia, Green Bay, or Carolina shirt gets dirty, turn it inside out and wash it in cold water. It should always hang dry so that the heat doesn't take any of the vinyl lettering off.
  • Some of the football jersey styles with a lot of embroidery are hand-wash only.
  • Always follow the instructions on the tag to make sure that you wash it properly.
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