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Rifle Parts for Mauser

Rifle Parts for Mauser

Originally designed for the German army and produced since the 1870s, Mauser rifles have been used in several countries for sport as well as World War II military weapons. Examples include the K98K, Gewehr, as well as the bolt action rifle Mauser M98. Here is some information on bolt action barrel, stocks, and other parts and accessories for your Mauser rifle.

What are the different types of rings in a barrel?

Your Mauser bolt action guns barrel will feature either short rings or long rings. The differences in the diameter of the rings are slight, as the small ring is 1.3 inches, and the large ring is 1.410 inches. If you have a short ring style, the ring is designed to have the same view throughout. A Mauser barrel with a long ring action is designed to be slightly swollen in the front and uniform throughout the rest of the barrel. Before choosing your barrel, verify the rings in your new barrel are the same as the previous barrel.

What calibers are the carbine and other barrels designed for?

When selecting your Mauser barrel, make sure you pick the right size chamber for your cartridge. Common calibers for the firearm include:

  • .30-.06: Designed for hunting sheep, goats, deer, bears, and elk.
  • .308: You can use the .308 cartridge for the same animals as the .30-.06.
  • 7.62x39mm: Originally used for assault rifles, the 7.62x39 is small and uses little pressure, resulting in low recoil and ease of firing.
What accessories are available for replacing bolts?

A bolt action rifle stop assembly is designed to prevent the bolt from fully closing after your rifle and magazine are empty, indicating that you need to reload ammunition cartridges. When replacing Mauser parts and accessories, consider replacing the assembly as well. A properly working bolt action and stop assembly mechanism in your Mauser is a safety feature and is intended to let you know if there is a bullet in the firearms chamber, even if the magazine is empty.

What types of stocks are available for the Mauser rifles?

Mauser bolt action rifle gun stocks for the M98, K98K, Gewehr, and carbine models can be made out of wood or polymer, and with steel accessories. Each stock option will have a different weight when the rifle is in your hand. The steel parts of the rifle are heavy but made to be durable. The polymer stocks are lighter than wood and are designed to absorb recoil well.

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