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Rifle Stock & Forend Parts for Marlin

Stock and Forend Parts for Marlin

When it comes to customizing rifles, one of the most common choices in after-market modifications is changing stock and forend parts. For Marlin rifles, factory replacement items or after-market modifications include many types of replacement stocks, forearms, and accessories, such as recoil pads and receivers for scopes. In some models, replacement barrels may also be available to allow you to switch between calibers, thus making a single long gun into a multipurpose firearm.

What types of stocks are available for Marlin rifles?
  • Hardwood: Many Marlin rifles manufactured prior to 2012 were shipped from the manufacturer with walnut hardwood stocks. While Marlin still offers some walnut stock options, the majority of their production models have come with laminate stocks and forearms since 2012.
  • Laminate: Since 2012, nearly all Marlin long gun models are manufactured with a laminate stock, and replacement laminate accessories are available for all Marlin models except antique models.
  • Synthetic: These items are available as after-market accessories.
How do you choose the right accessories for your firearm?

When buying stock and forend items or other accessories, it is important to know several things to ensure a proper fit for your Marlin rifle.

  • Model number: The Marlin model number, such as Marlin 336 or Marlin 1894, is the first filter to help narrow the results when finding replacement and after-market accessories for your rifle.
  • Barrel length and bore: Firearms are precision tools, and the barrel length and bore are essential pieces of information when looking for custom items to ensure proper action and safe function.
  • Magazine tube length: Like the barrel, the magazine tube requires a precise fit for the action to function properly.
  • Stock type: Some accessories are only available for certain stock types. For example, the big loop finger lever will only fit center-fire, lever action rifles with pistol-grip stocks and is not available for straight stock models.
Why would you need these parts for Marlin guns?

Gun owners purchase these stock and forend parts for a variety of reasons. Some of the more common are:

  • Replacement of worn or damaged original factory equipment: Things wear out and break. When they do, replacements become a necessity to bring your carbine or other firearm back into working condition.
  • Added functionality: The addition of functionality by adding accessories such as a scope receiver, fiber optic sights, or a big loop finger lever increases value to the shooter.
  • Aesthetics: With a variety of patterns and finishes, the simple act of adding a new laminate stock can change the look of a carbine.
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