Rottefella Cross-country Skiing Ski, Snowboard & Snowshoe Bindings

Rottefella Cross Country Ski Bindings

Cross country bindings are designed to help keep riders stable while traveling over various types of cross country trails. Rottefella makes a variety of this type of gear for different types of cross country skis. Finding the appropriate bindings depends on the type of skier you are, as well as the size of the skis you use.

What are the different types of cross country bindings?

There are four main types of bindings for cross country riding, and it is important to get boots that work with the type you use.

  • New Nordic Norm (NNN): The NNN bindings use a metal rod that is attached to the toe of the boot. On the surface are two lateral ridges that match up with grooves on the sole of the boot.
  • Salmon Nordic System (SNS): This type is similar to the NNN, but only has one large ridge rather than two smaller ones.
  • Nordic Integrated System (NIS): This type is meant to be more lightweight than other bindings while still being compatible with NNN boots.
  • Nordic Norm (NN): These are the most traditional form of binding, with three metal pins that fit into corresponding holes on the boot.
What brake width works for your ski size?

To determine the right brake width, you need to know the measurement of your skis waist width. Once you have this measurement, find bindings with a brake width at least as wide as the waist width. If the brake width is too narrow, the brakes may not work when your ski falls off. If the brake width is too wide, then the brakes might drag along while you ski on the edge.

What are alpine touring bindings used for?

Alpine touring types are different from traditional alpine types because they are designed to allow you to do backcountry and downhill skiing without having to change out skis. This type allows you to remove your heel while keeping your toe locked in order to make walking and uphill ascents easier. Once you come to a downhill section, simply put your heel back in.

How do you adjust Rottefella cross country bindings?

Having the proper fit on your Rottefella gear helps make skiing a much more enjoyable experience. Here are some steps to follow for adjusting your gear:

  • Adjust the front by using the NIS key or a screwdriver fitting your proper DIN measurement. If you do not know your DIN number, use a DIN calculator to figure it out before adjusting.
  • Adjust the back plate to ensure the length is matched up with your boot length.
  • Test out the fit to make sure you can move easily and with control.
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