Round Engagement Ring Settings

Round Engagement Ring Settings

When you choose a semi-mount engagement ring, is the ring is nearly complete and only awaits the center stone of your choice. The jewel on an engagement ring doesn’t have to be a diamond. It can also be a ruby, a beautifully cut and polished moissanite stone, or a pearl.

What types of engagement ring designs are there?

Some engagement ring types are:

  • Vintage. These engagement rings include Art Deco, Victorian, and Edwardian styles. They often have filigree or milgrain engraving. Filigree is metal wire woven into delicate shapes, while milgrain is rows of tiny beads that are sometimes used as a border for rings and other jewelry.
  • Halo. Halo engagement rings feature a center stone surrounded by smaller gems. The gems are usually diamonds.
  • Cathedral. This setting uses upswept prongs to hold the center stone. In an open-cathedral setting, the band splits at the bottom of the prongs.
  • Solitaire. This type of engagement ring has a single, centered gemstone.
  • Tiffany style. This style has a solitaire held by six prongs on a plain circle. It comes with a distinctive edging.
  • Split shank. This is when the band of the engagement ring is split. Sometimes the bands cross over each other, and they are often encrusted with diamonds.
  • Eternity ring. These rings have stones all around the band.
  • Three-stone setting. This usually has a large center stone and two side stones that are a little smaller.
  • Pinched, which means the ring pinches in a little at the center stone.

Many engagement rings have a combination of styles and settings.

What other materials are used for engagement rings?

Other materials used for engagement rings are:

  • Platinum. This is one of the silvery, noble metals that is often used for fine jewelry. Platinum is prized because it does not need to be alloyed with another metal to make it strong enough for everyday wear, and it does not tarnish.
  • Palladium
  • White gold
  • Rose gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Gray gold. High-quality examples of this material are alloys of gold and palladium, a silvery metal thats much like platinum.
What are the gemstones in these rings?

The gems in the rings can include:

  • Diamonds. In a semi-mounted ring, they are often found in a pavé, channel, or bar setting. Pavé means they are arranged like paving stones in a courtyard, while the channel setting has them placed in a channel around the band. In the bar setting, fairly large stones are separated by a bar. If the ring is a halo engagement ring, the gems that make up the halo are often round. Baguettes, which are long rectangles, are another way side jewels are cut.
  • Sapphires. These can be blue, pink, or any color but red. Red sapphires are rubies.
  • Moissanite. This jewel is a type of silicon carbide. It can be polished to a radiance that rivals that of a diamond. Some people believe it is even harder than diamond.
  • Cubic zirconia. This is a synthetic gem that is made to closely resemble a diamond.