SMA Female Electric Coax Cables and Connectors

Hook Up Your Favorite Electronics Using an SMA Connector Cable

Connector cables have been a mainstay of numerous types of technology throughout the years. One kind of convenient and multi-use connection of this type is the SMA connector, a kind of coaxial setup commonly utilized in the form of a cable used for transmitting various types of radio frequencies. This connector can be found in new and used condition on eBay and has compatibility with many devices.

What are some common uses for SMA connectors?

The SMA connector has been used for transmitting data on many pieces of technology. A few of these devices have included:

  • Radios - HAM radios often utilize these SMA connectors as part of their antenna setup.
  • Televisions - SMA connector cables and SMA connector antennas were both prominent during the early days of television for transmitting signals to the TV.
  • VCRs - An old VCR most likely connects to a TV through the use of an SMA connector cable, transmitting the information that is stored on the VHS tape to the screen.
  • WiFi - Many Wi-Fi antennas utilize an SMA connection, used to pick up the signals that let you connect to the internet.
What is the difference between a male and female connector?

SMA connectors are divided into male and female heads based on a few physical factors. The male SMA connector heads are threaded internally and act as a plug, having a small pin in their centers that is inserted into a hole. A female SMA connector head is the opposite, featuring external threading and a jack to plug things into. Reverse-polarity (RP) models also exist, keeping the threading the same while reversing the plug and jack, i.e., a male RP connector would have a jack while a female RP connector would have a plug. Regardless of type, all of these connectors will be screwed into the device that they are used with.

How are SMA connector heads arranged on connector cables?

When in the form of a cable, SMA connector heads often have both a male and female head to use on opposite ends of the cable. While some cables exist that only have male or female heads, the most common arrangement is the one mentioned previously. There also exist adapters, those being small metal bits that feature a male and female head, that can be used to extend a cables reach or compensate for a lack of a male or female head present on the cable itself.