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Protect Your Phone With Cases, Covers, and Skins

As cell phones become sleeker, thinner, and more lightweight, the importance of having a case, cover, or skin to protect it increases. Modern casings come in a huge range of different styles and material types, and also offer additional functionality as wallets and battery chargers. Most specifically fit a particular model of cell, such as the Samsung Galaxy J7, with designs that reflect your individual style.

Why Do You Need a Case, Cover, or Skin?

The main reason you should purchase a case, cover, or skin for your cell is to protect it from drops, bumps, and scratches and keep it looking flawless. Most modern smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy J7, are thin and lightweight, which makes them more susceptible to damage when compared to older, bulkier models.

  • One accidental drop of your cell can lead to the screen breaking or the phone failing altogether, but a well-designed protective casing can stop this from happening.
  • In addition to their protective use, cell phone cases can also be multifunctional as wallets to store your cards and cash or even as battery packs.
  • A case, cover, or skin for your cell phone makes it unique and is an easy way of displaying your individual style or team affiliations.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Protective Casing for Your Phone?

There are many factors to consider when deciding which protective casing is right for your cell phone, including its design, material, and any additional features.

  • One of the first things you need to consider is the form factor of the casing, with options including standard cases that protect the backs and sides of your cell, lightweight bumper cases, and rugged tough cases that protect against drops and shocks. When you want more style, you may want to consider a folio-style casing similar to a wallet or a pouch of which you can slip your phone in and out.
  • Another consideration is the material of the casing, with options including soft silicone and clear polycarbonate that provide scratch and impact resistance. Folio or wallet-style cases often consist of leather, while for a more unique look, opt for aluminum or wood.
  • When buying a case, cover, or clear skin, you should also consider its additional features, such as room to put credit cards and cash. Some come with built-in chargers to extend the battery life of your smartphone and others contain stands and mounts.

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