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Santoni Dress Shoes for Men

Santoni is an Italian manufacturer of mens leather dress shoes. Made in Italy, these mens shoes are made of leather that is also sourced in Italy as well. These leather shoes are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes and are designed to be worn with mens business casual clothing, suits, and other semi-formal attire.

What are the types of Santoni dress shoes for men?
  • Oxfords: Oxford shoes made of leather may have a pointed, cap, or rounded toe. These shoes feature stitching on the top and all around the upper portion of the shoes. They also feature laces as a closure mechanism.
  • Loafers: These are a style of slip-on shoes. Santoni produces penny loafers, single and double monk strap slip-ons, and kiltie styles that have leather tassels on the top of the shoes above the toe box.
  • Wing tip: These are another formal dress shoe styling option.
What materials are Santoni mens dress shoes made from?
  • Leather: Mens shoes by Santoni feature an upper that is made of leather. The leather is durable and relaxes to take on the shape of your foot. Leather shoes are available in black, burgundy, gray, and shades of brown.
  • Cotton: The laces of dressy shoes are made of woven or knitted I-cord cotton threads and are capped with a plastic or metal cap to minimize fraying. Some of the shoes feature a cotton covering for the interior side of the tongue and the footbed.
  • Suede: Suede is a type of textured leather that feels nubby to the touch, and it is often used on shoes for aesthetic purposes to coordinate with a blazer or suit. The material is made of animal skin, such as lambs or sheeps skin, and it is often softer and more flexible than materials that include the animals’ exterior layer of skin. The suede shoes by Santoni are available in blue and in natural shades of brown, tan, and black.
How do you choose a size of Santoni dress shoes?

When measuring yourself for the correct size of shoes, be sure to wear the same socks you would wear with the shoes. Measuring your feet in the late afternoon or early evening accounts for swelling that your feet may exhibit after a day of activity.

Use a flexible tape measure and extend it from the tip of your longest toe to the back of your heel. Measure your foot using inches as the units. Multiply your foot measurement in inches by three and subtract 24. This is the size of shoes you will need. The Santoni shoes are available in narrow, regular, and wide-width sizes.

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