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Great Tone for a Great Price: Choosing Firefly Semi Hollow Guitars on eBay

If you're a guitarist, you already know the warm, rich sound of a semi hollow electric guitar. The Firefly brand of 335 Style guitars offers a Gibson-inspired, quality design at a fair price. Here are some guidelines for choosing yours on eBay.

Selecting a body style

If you search for Firefly guitars for sale on eBay, you may find that there aren't typically too many listed. Firefly Guitars is a relatively small brand, so it may take a few searches before you find what you want. This company's electric guitars come in two main body styles.

The first is the FF338, which is styled after the Gibson ES-335. This is a larger-bodied guitar than Firefly's other semi hollow body, the FFTH. This guitar is modeled after Fender's semi-hollow Telecasters. They have a slimmer profile and add extra resonance to the classic Tele sound.

What pickups and other components do you want?

Of course, once you've chosen the body style of your Firefly electric guitar, you'll need to consider what types of pickups, etc. you're hoping for. Here are a few of the things you may want to look at:

  • Tuners. High-quality tuners greatly help with tuning stability.
  • Pickups. Any type of pickup upgrade may make a significant difference in your guitar's tone.
  • Controls. Certain models may offer more tone selection opportunities. If you value an adjustable tone, something with more pickup selector switch options may be ideal.
  • Wood. Be sure to check on what types of tonewoods have been used to make the guitar.
Selecting customized or upgraded editions

One option you may see from time to time is a "hot rodded" guitar. This typically means that a previous owner has upgraded it. While these guitars are technically used, you may be able to get a higher-quality guitar for substantially less money. Guitars that have been upgraded typically have higher-end pickups. Since this is a major improvement, even this alone can significantly boost guitar quality.

However, if you are someone who enjoys working on guitars, a standard Firefly electric guitar offers you a guitar with potential. You can purchase one inexpensively and select components to upgrade.

Part of the success of the Firefly guitar brand is that its guitars offer great value for the money. You may well want to purchase one new and leave it as-is.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Firefly.