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Shirley Of Hollywood Camisoles and Camisole Sets

A camisole or camisole set can be a multi-functional part of any woman’s wardrobe. Also known as a cami, they provide many options in materials, styles, and colors, from bright pink to dark black. Women can use a cami or camisole set for anything from a stylish black undershirt to flirty pink lingerie.

What is Shirley of Hollywood?

Shirley of Hollywood is an apparel company that makes different styles of lingerie, loungewear, and underwear, including a large variety of camisoles and camisole sets. The company prides itself on innovative styling and producing apparel that is considered to be at the forefront of the lingerie industry.

What is a camisole?

The camisole is a style of undergarment that is typically loose fitting and held up by shoulder straps. Decorative trims in materials like satin, fur, and lace are common. It can come in a variety of materials such as those below.

  • Lace is a common material used in a cami. Widely used in intimate clothing, lace accents or trim on a solid camisole can also bring a fun and relaxed style when paired with jeans. Lace tops usually come in simple blacks and whites.
  • Satin uses a special weave of polyester or silk threads to create a soft and smooth, yet glossy, garment. Satin camisoles can be used in anything from pink intimate items to a black undershirt with a suit to add a sense of glamour.
  • Polyester is a less refined version of satin, providing a soft and smooth exterior but with less flash. It is common in loungewear for its comfort, light weight, and stretchability.
  • Nylon is similar to polyester, but its main feature is the strength of the fabric. Nylon camisoles are very resistant to stretching and tearing. This is among the most easily maintained of fabrics, as less care is needed than fabrics such as lace or satin.
  • Cotton provides a soft and breathable fabric, an ideal cami for lounging around in.
What is a camisole set?

A cami set will generally provide a matching set of bottoms to the camisole top. These camisole set bottoms can range from skimpy panty styles to shorts to full pants, depending on the role they were intended for. A cami set will match color, materials, and styles between top and bottom. For instance, a white lace top will have white lace bottoms in a cami set.

What features do the different style bottoms have?
  • A thong or bikini panty provides the least amount of coverage for a cami set bottom. These items are generally relegated to lingerie for special moments or used as standard underwear.
  • Booty shorts introduce leg coverage to cami sets, but at a minimal level. Low rise, hip hugging and only a spare few inches, they are mostly considered lingerie or underwear and are often worn with leggings.
  • Boy short camisole set bottoms are similar to booty shorts, but the legs are longer and the garment sits higher on the hips and waist. As such, while they can be used as sexy lingerie, they are often used as fun but comfortable loungewear instead. The shorts can be variable length, but generally do not exceed the midpoint of the thigh.
  • Pants provide full-length coverage. These bottoms are most commonly worn as loungewear or housewear.