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Shotgun Parts for Harrington & Richardson

How to Find Parts for Harrington and Richardson Shotguns

Harrington and Richardson manufactures firearms like shotguns, such as the Topper Model 158 and the Pardner Pump, and these guns can be of the single-shot capacity or pump-action style that holds more than one shell. Shotguns come with different parts to regulate how the gun works and fires. The parts are designed to do things like discharge spent shells from the barrel and help improve your accuracy while shooting.

What are some shotgun parts that are available?

In addition to parts like tubes and chokes, eBay offers a wide variety of other parts for Harrington and Richardson shotguns. Each of the parts work to increase the effectiveness of your shotgun and to improve the shooters experience. Some of the other new parts available on eBay include joint pin assemblies, stock bolts, and trigger springs.

What type of pattern do you get with different chokes?

Shotguns use choke tubes to change the pattern of the shot when shooting buckshot or slugs. They are available in a number of gauges similar to the calibers available for handguns and rifles. The tubes are placed in the barrel of a shotgun at the end of the muzzle. The style of an individual choke is normally etched onto the outside of it. There are a number of different tubes available, each of which makes a unique pattern. Some include:

  • Super-full choke - These create tight and dense patterns for narrow shots.
  • Full choke - These are also designed to create a narrow pattern with a limited spread. This typically results in a pattern where roughly 70% of the pellets stay within a 30-inch circle target at 40 yards away.
  • Modified tube - This offers a wider pattern shot. Shooting with these types of tubes results in about 60% of your pellets being in a 30-inch circle at 40 yards.
  • Improved cylinder - This gives a more open pattern with only half of the pellets in that same 40-yard range.
  • Skeet choke - Using this choke results in about 50% of the pellets landing in a 30-inch circle at 25 yards away.
How do you change choke tubes?

Depending on the model of Harrington shotgun you have, you need a choke wrench to change choke tubes. Some wrenches are a flat piece of metal with different-sized wings on it. It is designed to fit into the grooves on a choke so you can either screw it into the barrel or unscrew it so you can take it out of the barrel. The tube is partially threaded on the outside, allowing it to be screwed onto the threads inside the end of the muzzle. You put the tube into the barrel and hand-tighten it. Tighten the tube with the choke wrench to make it snug in the barrel. However, the full choke, which is designed to hunt turkeys, is only partially screwed into the shotgun, much like a silencer fits onto the end of a gun.

What does an ejector do?

An ejector is designed to expel a spent shell immediately after the shotgun has been fired. There is a spring inside the barrel that activates when the barrel is fully opened after a shot. The spring pushes the empty shell casing out through an opening in the barrel.

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