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Shotgun Parts for Mossberg

Shotgun Parts for Mossberg

Since 1919, Mossberg has made a variety of firearms, including shotguns. Mossberg 500 series shotguns offer variations on barrel length, bore size, and magazine capacity. With over 10 million units produced, you have ready access to replacement Mossberg parts.

How many rounds does a Mossberg shotgun hold?

The magazine tube of a basic model can hold five shells that measure 2.75 inches or 70 mm. When a round is in the chamber and the attached magazine is full, typical models can achieve six shots. An extended magazine from Mossberg bumps the capacity to eight rounds to provide eight shells for shooting without reloading.

What size shells should be used in a Mossberg 500?

The standard model from the 500 series offers you two options. The magazine can hold a total of five 2.75-inch, 70mm shells or 3-inch, 76mm shells. The Maverick 12-gauge model from Mossberg differs slightly. It has a six-round capacity for the smaller shells and a five-round capacity for the 3-inch shells. Check your specific model to determine its exact needs.

Where are Mossberg 500 shotguns made?

Founded in 1919, O.F. Mossberg and Sons, Inc. is an American firearms manufacturer. Its firearms are mostly made in Texas at a 116,000-square-foot factory located in Eagle Pass. A small portion of parts come from Mexico and Turkey. The company headquarters, however, remains in its original location in Connecticut.

How do you install a side saddle on a shotgun?

Easy access to extra shells can be achieved by attaching a side saddle to your Mossberg shotgun. The Mossberg kit for this accessory will contain all the screws and Allen keys necessary to complete the task.

  1. Remove the screw on the side of the shotgun and install the screw from the kit. It is longer than the original screw.
  2. Using the Allen wrench, take the pin out and replace it with another long screw from the kit.
  3. Attach the plate to the provided washer and nut. Make the connections snug, but not overly tight.
  4. With the remaining screws, secure the shell holder to the side of the shotgun.
Why benefits do pistol grips offer?

Modifying a shotgun with a pistol grip can modify the way the gun shoots by cutting down on recoil or changing the length of pull. A grip could also support single-handed shooting, which might be beneficial when you need a free hand. These grips are more often used in tactical settings rather than while hunting.

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