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Chevrolet Camaro Side Marker Lights

When driving a car, lighting is mandatory. The amount of light needed by a vehicle depends on its size. To select Chevrolet Camaro side marker lights or clearance lights, you need to know how they work and what types of marker lights there are.

How do Chevrolet Camaro side marker lights work?

Although there are a variety of designs, the amber light in vehicles all basically work the same way. A 12-volt automotive thick wire connects from the bulb socket to the parking lights, main headlight, or taillight central wiring. The amber side marker lights are sealed with a reflector that illuminates lighting when the headlights are turned on. Additionally, trucks and trailer lights can both work as lighting or clearance lamps. Clearance lights for your Chevrolet Camaro are used to provide more protection on the road.

What types of Chevrolet side marker lights are there?

Chevrolet marker lights can be used as lighting lamps or clearance lights and come in red and amber. Chevrolet Camaro standard side marker lights are sealed rectangular-shaped markers that house an amber or red LED light or amber clearance LED light. However, marker and reflector lights are also available as round, oval, or cab-shaped marker lights. Trailer lights or truck lights are usually shaped as cab markers. A trailer must provide double the lighting than a standard vehicle and must have a trailer light to provide clearance.

What are Chevrolet Camaro trailer lights?

A trailer is a vehicle that weighs over three thousand pounds. Because of its immense height and size, a trailer must have both trailer lights and clearance lights to provide illumination and clearance on the road. Chevrolet trucks and trailers must have side marker lights installed and must also have trailer lights and clearance lights affixed to its vehicle. Clearance lights come in the shape of a cab marker. The cab marker is an amber light sealed by a triangular-shaped reflector shield. Trailer lights are required for trucks and trailers in order to provide enough light to warn other vehicles they are coming up ahead. Moreover, a trailer must have trailer lights on its front and rear.

What is a Chevrolet Camaro clearance light?

Clearance lamps are lights mounted permanently on your Chevrolet Camaro truck or trailer. A trailer must have an amber LED trailer light to provide clearance and ensure safety on the road. Clearance amber lights are sealed, weatherproof, and are specifically made for trailers. Trucks and trailers must have two sealed side marker amber lights used for clearance.