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Side Marker Lights for Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevrolet Cruze uses amber side marker lights to make your car visible in the dark. In keeping with local and federal law, exterior lighting should make your Cruze visible from any angle. If one of these lights breaks or burns out, you will need new lights as soon as possible.

What side marker lights does the Cruze use?

The Chevrolet Cruze has two amber marker lights, one on each side. In accordance with local and federal law, these lights make your vehicle visible from any angle. Side markers have three essential parts and one optional part.

  • Lamp: This refers to the part, usually amber, which covers the side markers. In order to protect the bulb inside, the lamp should be waterproof with no cracks or gaps.
  • Socket: This part rests inside your vehicle and connects the light to internal wiring.
  • Bulb: The Cruze uses standard wedge bulbs. For a brighter light, you can choose LED light instead, as long as the LED light is compatible. Lamp and socket replacements sometimes, but not always, come with new bulbs. If you do need a replacement, this can be a good time for an LED light upgrade.
  • Trim Cover: Although not strictly required, trim covers help keep the lamp safe while improving your Cruzes exterior appearance.
Can you use alternative side marker lights?

Yes, you can. To remain legal, these lights must come on at night. Here are a few of the lights that perform marker light functions and may be used interchangeably.

  • Turn Signals: These front and rear lights have the same amber glow and from some angles act as markers. For this reason, you often find this type used interchangeably. Cruze side markers can also be used as turn signals with some rewiring. Because you cannot see Cruze turn signals from the side, they cannot replace side marker lights on their own.
  • Lighting Strips: Running along the side of your cars undercarriage, amber yellow strips make your Cruze visible at night. Therefore, this type also counts as a marker.
  • LED Strobe Lights: LED lights offer another alternative marker type. As long as the light is fully visible from all angles, it will work.
  • Reflectors: Because they do not light up on their own, reflectors alone will not meet legal marker requirements. However, they can enhance or reflect hidden lights.
How can you find the right Chevrolet Cruze parts?

If you need new lights or if you are looking for options, these facts will help you find what you need.

  • Year: The Cruze includes a range of vehicles. Depending on the model year, compatible marker sizes will vary.
  • Side: The two markers are not interchangeable. If only one side needs a new light, make sure to search by side.
  • Customization: Since its one of the most visible parts of your car, some Cruze owners choose aftermarket customization of these markers. Trading basic amber lighting for your own design lets you change your vehicles appearance.