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Side Marker Lights for Chevrolet Malibu

Side marker lights for the Chevrolet Malibu are both a safety feature and an eye-catching exterior enhancement. Whether your Malibu was already equipped with side marker lights or you realize how much they can add to your vehicle, finding the right lights for your Malibu is a smooth and easy process. Plus, maintaining your Malibus markers to continue their performance is quite easy as well.

What types of marker lights are available for a Malibu?

Many older Chevrolet Malibus came equipped with side marker lights, which served as a significant element in the exterior design in addition to their utilitarian purposes. As later Malibus were released, the lights tended to be smaller to flow more easily with the curves of the vehicle. For these vehicles, Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM replacements are available to continue providing that signature look when one of your original markers needs replacement. There are also numerous aftermarket options available to directly replace or enhance the looks of your Malibus lights.

If your Malibu wasnt originally equipped with side marker lights, you still have plenty of aftermarket options to choose from. Options include something as simple as a light strip bar you can mount just about anywhere on your Malibus exterior to purpose-made aftermarket lights that you can find in red and yellow depending on your needs. Under this umbrella, you can find markers in almost any shape and size, including rectangular and button light shapes, depending on whether youre going for more of a style or a safety application.

How do you install side marker lights on a Malibu?

If your Malibu isnt already equipped with marker lights, installing them is a bit of an involved process that requires cutting through the metal on your vehicle. That said, its still something that can be accomplished with a little bit of patience and a lot of time.

  • Carefully measure the dimensions of the marker lights and create a diagram on your Malibus exterior using draft tape.
  • Cut through the exterior metal to form an outline of the side marker light, only cutting exactly what you need and taking off a little at a time until you get the hole as large as it needs to be.
  • Wire the markers to either the front or rear turn signals, depending on location, by splicing the wires using wire nuts and soldering. Ensure that the wire is securely fastened to the vehicle body.
  • Attach the side marker light to the vehicle body using industrial adhesive or small screws, depending on how the light is equipped. However you attach it, ensure that it is completely sealed so that water doesnt damage the electronic components.
  • Test for proper operation of both the side marker light and the turn signal, both when the flasher is activated and when it isnt.