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Side Marker Lights for Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Side marker lights let other drivers and pedestrians view your Chevrolet truck from any angle. One of those Silverado parts you may not think about often, side markers keep your truck safe and legal.

What are side marker lights?

While headlights let you see ahead in the dark, side marker lights help other people to see you from the side. Together with headlights, federal law requires all vehicles to have functioning side marker lights on the front and rear. Usually, Chevy pickup lights come bundled with headlights, parking lights, turn signals, and reverse lights. In this case, if one part breaks you likely need to replace the whole assembly. However, aftermarket fenders sometimes cover built-in side markers. If so, you can add stand-alone custom lights to keep in compliance. Here are the main parts to look for.

  • Capsule: This stand-alone type can be attached to the bed of your Chevrolet Silverado 3500, but you will need a slot and wiring.
  • Roof lights: Another stand-alone option, this type uses lights that run along the cab roof and are also visible from the side.
  • Taillight kits: Most Silverado 3500 models have side marker lights bundled with the wraparound taillight assembly. If so, you may need to replace the whole bank as a whole to replace one part.
  • Connectors: In some cases, wires or fastening may wear away over time. If so, you can replace this part separately from the main light.
  • Bulbs: Because side marker lights use the casing to add the yellow color, you can use any compatible size and watt bulb.
How can you find the correct Chevrolet parts?

As a part that often wears down or breaks over time, side marker lights are easy to find. If you need to replace or add additional lights, here are the facts you should use in your search.

  • Year: Chevrolets 3500 series includes several generations of pickup truck. Searching by year will give you the correct Chevrolet Silverado generation.
  • Trim: Within the same year, sizes can vary considerably by body type. At the high end of the Silverado line, the 3500 comes with trim options that can change the trucks measurements. For example, the Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD commercial work truck gives maximum towing capacity. With higher horsepower and heavier build, the Silverado 3500HD has different requirements from other body types. Additional options like a regular cab or crew cab can also affect light placement and size.
  • Location: In addition to year and body type, you will need to know where on your truck. In some cases, this may include assessing the combination system as a whole.
  • Custom fender work: Custom fenders and towing attachments may block some or all of the built-in lights. If so, you may need to add external side marker lights to the bed or fender.