How To Choose A Sock Knitting Machine

Sock knitting machines weave yarn into circular sock patterns. Antique models use cranks and metal gears, while some recent styles are made from higher-impact plastics. eBay has a great variety of these handy machines at affordable prices.

Can you knit more than socks with the machines?

Yes. The circular looms create tubes that can also be formed into:

  • Small hats: To make a hat with these machines, weave the initial tube, then gather one end with yarn and close the top.
  • Scarves: The scarves will be a thicker tube scarf versus the flat styles.
  • Leg warmers: If you do not make an ankle or close the end of the tube, you can create leg warmers.
  • Doll dresses: To make a doll's dress, you will need a smaller knit machine. Weave a small tube, and leave the top and bottom open. The tube can be pulled on over the doll like a tube-top dress, and the dresses can be long or mini style.
Do you have to know knitting to use the machines?

The machines work with sets of teeth and a feeder. The feeder holds a single strand of yarn. The teeth are wheeled around, and the feeder helps them grab the thread. Many styles have a handle on the side that you crank to move the wheel around in a circle creating the fabric. The knitted fabric will begin to appear beneath the center as the tube gets longer and longer, and some will have legs attached underneath the appliance circle to leave room for the fabric to come down.

To close the toe of the sock off, you can sew a regular stitch. A person does not have to be a knitter. The machine will create the top and bottom edges.

Can children use the knitting appliances?

Some companies designed plastic looms for children to use. Check the packaging for age restrictions. There are models designed more for adults, and they create slightly larger patterns.

The antique knitters are cast of heavy metal, and they can be harder to crank. These may not be suitable for younger people.

What types of stitches do they make?

The knit is a stockinette, also called the stocking stitch. It will weave alternating rows of purls and knits. It is a common knit used for creating socks and scarves. To add interest or variety, the color of the skein can be alternated.